Wednesday, July 26, 2017

And......'s still raining. hard. most of the day.

I'm laid up so it has been a productive day of laying about working on my genealogy research. I have two new DNA matches that broke down a very difficult brick wall! These two individuals descend from a sister of my assumed 5xgreat grandmother. They are showing as 4x cousins so that would work!

I had some work done on my wonky knee yesterday. They were trying to cut through this stuff that is growing out of control in the joint and then injecting some other stuff in there to cut inflammation and pain.  It is very swollen and painful today. I'm to keep it up on a pillow until the swelling and tightness go down then exercise it as much as I can without undue pain. The dr. who was working on my knee said she can't for the life of her understand why my knee replacement surgery is being stalled. She is writing yet another letter to my GP urging her to send me to the orthopedic clinic.

My mother in law passed away on Monday. I had told her I would see her this week. Well I sure wasn't anticipating seeing her in the funeral home.  I can't go to the funeral home and stand in a receiving line (this family does that..) but I will attend the funeral with my daughter and grandson. Her obit. was published today. My sister in law, who doesn't like me one bit, didn't post my name as the wife of my late husband. My feelings are rather hurt but I'm not going to make a fuss. My children are LIVID.

Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17

This will be a boring post.
It is raining, almost every day. It is humid and uncomfortable, even when it is cool and raining.


Our garden is putting on the show of shows! We have tomatoes, cucs, onions, radish ready to eat. I haven't checked the carrots or potatoes yet but they have big showy plants up top that look promising!

We took Baya to the lake on Saturday. She had a wonderful time. The other day Marlene and I went shopping and I forgot to grab the trash bag that I was dropping at the head of the drive. 'Nuff said

That was a horrible mess to clean up. I had thrown a container of rancid flour into the bag. It was wedged into every crook and cranny and ground into the rug. She ate a lot of it too. The next morning we got up to dog poop from one end of the kitchen through the dining room. I was scouring hardwood with disinfectant at the crack of dawn - yuck!

I want to wish John Grey a happy retirement! I wish you many virtual Scotch Eggs and a wonderful rest of the summer to enjoy all your free time. (Somehow I don't think John will be spending the rest of his days "in front of the telly eating crisps")

Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10

This month is just flying by!
It continues to be like a rain forest here in Ontario. It's a rare day when it doesn't rain!
Our gardens are doing just marvelously. The grass grows like mad too though.
My puppy is doing very well. She has gained some much needed weight and is learning her commands. She won't sleep on the nice bed I bought her though - no way.
The fellow who arranged for her to come to us said the previous owners kept her locked in a crate all day. She peed and pooped in the crate and then would cry to be let out. When we pulled her blankies out of the crate they were quite soiled so they went right into the trash. The crate was folded up and put away.  I don't want that dear girl to ever be in a crate again. The cat enjoyed the crate for awhile.

Glaring at each other. Look at Kitty's ears!

Hmmm, what is so interesting in that slipper?

Kitty hangs out on the crate for awhile. 

Last weekend we went up to Barrys Bay for an arts festival. Lots of interesting stuff for sale, though I didn't see any of the artisans that I thought would be there.

Scenes from Wilno.

The beautiful Polish church.

I can't believe I walked up all those stairs!!!!! It was so worth it though.

The view from the church steps. This site must have been so inspirational to the founders of the church.

I don't have a photo of him, but I FINALLY found a Buddha statue for my garden. He is sitting proudly side by side with Confucius. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Canada Day

July 1 is Canada Day for us Canadians.
It just isn't Canada Day without our favorite guy Stompin' Tom singing it up!

May the sun shine. May the flag proudly fly.

May the fireworks over Parliament thrill you to bits.

And please, please, PLEASE......Remember the tremendous sacrifices of our Indigenous People so we could live here.  The rest of us are all immigrants and refugees.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

It's a Girl!

We have been thinking about getting a new dog for awhile. While not searching in earnest, we just kept our ear to the ground and put out the word.
A friend of a relative got in touch about this little girl.  They tried to tell us she was first a Golden Retriever, then a pure Lab. Well she is obviously a nice mix of Lab and something else. She is not well disciplined and only seems to know the SIT command, but she is learning very fast.
Now if we can just get Miss Kitty to warm up to her.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

All is Calm, All is Bright

Yes, I know those words form a bit of lyric from a Christmas carol. They also describe things around here these days.
The grass is cut, the garden is pretty well totally planted. (We need a couple more herbs in the front)

THE DECK IS STAINED! If you weren't reading my blog last year you won't get it. In a nutshell: Our deck literally fell down last summer. It took quite awhile to get it rebuilt. We piddled away at it all fall and into the spring as we had a bit of free time. I watched for a good sale on Thompsons Water Seal Stain (I love that stuff!!). As of today the railings are all stained, the floor is stained and the sun is shining.
By tomorrow I can put the deck furniture back where it belongs and with any luck we will be able to enjoy sitting out there.
The bugs are still a flippin' nightmare, but I think they are letting up some.  Early mornings are a pretty good time to sit out there and enjoy that first cuppa tea. The phoebe's are feeding frantically which is a good thing.
On my next trip to town I'm going to buy more hanging planters to put on the posts. I'm also looking for some of those post caps that are solar lights. I think those are pretty nifty.
If we ever get the van fixed I'm hoping to buy another screen tent.

The hop vines are growing madly on the back porch. I need to get more twine hitched up to train them up and up! Some day, with any luck, I will have a pergola out there for the hops to cover. That will provide some welcome shade in the summer afternoons.

And it isn't even summer yet!!

Peace Love and Happiness friends.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Heat and Bugs

Our Ontario weather is being crazy outrageous hard to take miserable. Did I use enough adjectives in one sentence?
It went from cold and wet to hot and humid in a snap. It was too wet to plant and now to hot and dry.
The bugs are another story. My poor sister looks like someone took a baseball bat to her face! She has bites around her eyes and on the side of her nose, swelling her face and turning it a horrific color. She has BLISTERS for goodness sake.
My room mate was out working on our garden this morning with so many layers on she was bordering on heat stroke. But she still got a black fly or two inside her face net. She came in with rivulets of blood running down her cheeks. This afternoon she has her swollen face plastered with calamine.
Me? I stayed indoors today. I had nettle stings the whole length of my legs and bug bites on my head from yesterday.
The members of my garden club don't have much positive to say on our facebook page. If we aren't complaining about our bug bites, we are complaining about the plants. TOO MANY folks say they have to completely replant their gardens.
I just hope we get the cool down and the rain the weather guy hinted at.

Friday, June 9, 2017

All this green makes my eyes hurt

We are at that time of year when everything is a lush, vibrant green in these parts. Everything was well soaked for so long! I think the trees are going to have a massive growth spurt this year. I wish I could say the same for my apple tree. The one we planted to replace the one that didn't survive the winter didn't do diddly. It got buds, but that was as far as it got. They are guaranteed for ten years. I'm just not sure if I have to dig the darn thing up and haul it back or just take my paperwork and a photo?

My new roomie, Marlene, and I have been working like busy beavers on the gardening. We have the tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and some beans planted.  M. was able to till the potato bed this afternoon, so I hope we can get them in the ground right quick. The grass mowing seems to go on and on and on. Too bad we don't have an critters needing green stuff.

Marlene has gone to the city to retrieve the last of her goods from her storage place and that will be the end of her mess in Ottawa. She will be so glad to be finished with all that.

We seemed to get a second wave of black flies the past couple of days. I'm bit up something horrible because I forget my spray or my jacket or whatever. I am waiting patiently for those dragon flies who finish them off. The dragon flies appear when the temperature hits something or other. It is in the forecast so I'm hoping.

I got another bit of the deck stained today with the Thompsons Water Seal. I am so impressed with that stuff!
We had a catastrophe appear today. I noticed some peculiar looking ants around one of the basement windows. On closer inspection, I found the window sill was looking rotted. Well, all of the wood around that window had to be torn out and everything sprayed liberally with a very toxic substance that kills insects. Once that dries up we have to completely reframe the window. We went all around the house looking for other hotspots. Thankfully that windowsill seemed to be the only bed for those horrible guys, but we took all of the framing out anyway.  While I was mixing up the poison, the bottle broke on the basement floor. We've been scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing to be sure none of that horrible stuff gets on the cats feet.

We started looking for another companion dog this week. We've been to the SPCA, who didn't have much to choose from. We've put ads, we've scanned newspapers and FACEBOOK. All we want is a mutt puppy that doesn't have any pitbull in it.  You wouldn't think that was so hard would you? Before anyone else gets in my face about being prejudiced about pits, (there have already been several), I was badly bit by our family raised pit when I was a youngster and they frankly TERRIFY me. I'm a senior citizen already so no comments about "getting over it". That train left the station about 60 years ago.

Tomorrow is M.s birthday so we are off to his fathers for a BBQ. He's going to be pretty tickled with his present!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bug Fever or Spring Complaint

So how are the mosquitoes at your place?
A few weeks ago, a friend told me about a walk in the woods behind his home where there is a small lake/pond. He said it was alive with mosquito larvae.
Well they have come out of the water and into my yard and house! It's just AWFUL. I feel like wearing my bug suit to bed. Every window in this house has a screen. We don't have a dog to push the screen open (and leave it open) anymore. Yet the house is full of mozzies.
Someone told me she has replaced all of the screens in her house with a new finer mesh.  I have a lot of very large windows in my home so I don't think that is going to be an option here. Last summer, when the mozzies were mild compared to this year, I put cheese cloth over the screen in my bedroom windows. I might have to resort to that yet.
Someone else told me to pin smelly dryer sheets to the screens. Not sure if that works yet. Every time the wind blows they fall off. Do I have to sew them on???
When I went to S.Ontario last weekend we still had black flies around here. They seem to have finished, thank goodness.
Last week I went to town with M while he did a quick service call. I went for a lovely walk around the neighbourhood. There aren't any mozzies in that part of town.

(Photo from Orkin)

The second lot of tulip bulbs are in flower. They were planted two weeks after the first lot. These ones are all a light yellow with a slight bit of red feathering. Still NOTHING like the Canada150 tulips were advertised. They are very dainty and attractive none the less. Seems like June 1 is late for tulips to be flowering doesn't it?

(Canada150 tulip)

My garden is LATE LATE LATE. I'm not sure if we are even going to get any potatoes planted at the rate we are going. The patch hasn't been tilled. The onion and garlic bed needs a serious weeding so I can get more onions planted from sets. Most of the tomatoes I started from seed have died. I've gone from 30 plants to 20, to 10, to 6. Two Best Boy, two BrandyWine and two mutts seem to be thriving. Perhaps I'll just grab a couple of Roma and a couple of Cherry.  It's not like we need to freeze any more. There are still scads of bags in the freezer from last year.

Monday, May 29, 2017

a Family Affair

Went to the city for my grandaughters confirmation - followed by a family gathering. We had a grand time. I think this is the first time I can remember there not being any scraping and squabbling. Everyone got along, had a wonderful time. The food was amazing.

The girls were playing "Charlies Angels" out behind the garage. This is my youngest daughter doing her pose.

Two youngest daughters. I have several identical poses over the years from when my blond daughter was a tiny baby. 

Eldest and I just standing around chatting when Son In Law yelled SMILE!

Four daughters in order of age, left to right.

Second eldest daughter with her eldest son. T. has grown up so fast

Daughter in her new kitchen.  They've had a lot of fun renovating this house.It was quite a sight when they bought it. The former owners loved weird and whacky colors and trimming.

Eldest with the quilt I made for her birthday

Eldest grandson with daughters sweet Bermese Mountain Dog. 

Eldest and I posing with the quilt

I haven't done so much driving in quite some time so the trip was a bit of a challenge. I'm hurting today! Still, it was so wonderful to see ALL of my children again.

(I did see my son but he isn't into having his photo on Social media. We don't put photos of the children out there either.)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So this is a new tool

At this time of year, I don't do much quilting, or genealogy. There are some days though, maybe it's miserable out, or really hot or something like that, well, I log into my family tree and the DNA pages.
So let me tell you the most valuable discoveries from all this:
First off, I proved who my paternal grandfather was. It pains me that I made this discovery when my father passed away so there was no opportunity to talk to him about his father.
I've done DNA testing with two different companies and posted my file with two other services. My daughter has tested, as has my brother.
From all of our tests, I've found a surprising number of paternal relatives all over the world.
The one that breaks my heart is the first cousin to my father, who lived in our neighbourhood. She didn't have any siblings or cousins. NOT ONE - or so she thought. My father and his full sister were her first cousins. They lived close by but never knew each other.  Until she had her own children, she didn't think she had any living blood family.
We have discovered a pirate! We've discovered a cousin who was shipwrecked with her son on the way to a new life in New Zealand. They were stranded on a remote island for seven months before they were recovered!
Despite my assumption that my heritage is 100% Scandinavian and European, I have DNA matches who lived in the Orient and Hawaii. We're attributing these folks to our pirate ancestor.  It's still so remote though....we have to have another connection. Perhaps a closer relative who was across the Pacific doing military service???  I did have a half great uncle who was in Japan for quite a few years.

 I have a close childhood friend. I knew her mother, who was a war bride. The mother seemed like she had a little bit of something in her that no one seemed able to pinpoint. She told her kids she thought her biological father was part Chinese.  When she was adopted, there were items given with her when the (Caucasian) birth mother handed her to the adoptive family.  So, my friends niece and her son have both done DNA testing. The niece has her results but isn't going to share anything until her cousin receives his.  The family is waiting anxiously to see what the results reveal!!!

DNA is a wonderful compliment to your family tree work. It is a great tool for proving ancestors and finding new connections.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 20

It is now official - in the eyes of the Government of Canada, I am a senior citizen! Okay then.  When I got my license renewed the other day, the young lady at Service Ontario told me "You can now fish for free". (She was a hoot. Very refreshing compared to the rest of the snarky you know whats who have worked there too darn long.) It got me a discount on lunch at the sushi place on Friday, hahahahaha.

We had a couple of very hot and humid days then a wicked stormy evening, then some nice cooler days. It is now Saturday of the Victoria Day long weekend. Some call it 2-4 Weekend.  The campgrounds and what not traditionally open this weekend, though many are still closed due to flooding issues. Most of the water ways around here are also no go. The fishermen won't be happy. I forget what season opens this weekend......

One of my lovely birthday gifts was a trip around the county to the garden centers. We drove by the big nurseries which were MAD. The parking lots were full and there were line ups. We stopped at a couple of small greenhouse operations owned by Mennonite folks to the east of us. It was so nice to chat with the vendors. No crowds pushing and obstructing.
My tomatoes didn't do so well, only ten of the twenty or more survived, so I bought several more plants at the greenhouses. We also bought potatoes for planting and two jugs of lovely maple syrup.
The nights are still quite cold so I haven't started planting yet. My perennials are all growing like wild things so there is at least that to look at. The flower buds on the lilacs are starting to show too!

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15

 I had decided to revamp the blog with more of a genealogical focus, but obviously that hasn't happened, YET. Maybe later in the year I'll find the time to work on that.

Life is crazy right now. To start with, a close friend of mine is going to join us here in the "Family Commune" as my son in law likes to call it. It seems there is often someone moving in or moving out. My house is kind of a safe and comfortable stop in the road when people close to us are seeking a better life.
My friend is moving from a house, so she needs a rather spacious room. I'm in the process of moving OUT of my workroom/bedroom into a normal size bedroom. I have so much STUFF to sort, store or discard. It's hard to think back, 22 years ago, when I went down a road by myself with a sewing machine, a backpack and an armful of books. Where did all this STUFF come from???.

It seems like we are moving from winter to flood right into summer. It's going to be VERY warm this week!
There is a lot of outdoor work to do. The snow seemed to be a long time leaving.  I finished cleaning up the last bit of rubble from the old porch today. It was under a snowbank of course. My flower beds have been all raked and reseeded as necessary.  They are all kind of rough beds. I'm not the type of person who wants to spend hours every week on my knees pulling weeds. I sow them rather densely with good stuff, and if the odd weed or bit of grass creeps in there, so be it.
I haven't even touched my veggie beds yet. I'm hoping my friend will dive in there and take care of most of that. Gardening is one of the activities that she is longing to get it once she gets out of the big city.
My birthday is fast approaching in a matter of days. I officially become a senior citizen in the eyes of the government of Canada. I will get a little pension and some discounts here and there. I think we will be going out for a meal on the day. Gosh, I have to remember to renew my license before the day too!!!
Next week, daughter and I are heading to the big city to the south for some family time. I am so excited about seeing all of the grandchildren. It has been several years since I've seen some of them. On the Friday we will be going to visit with my dear son. I haven't seen him in FIVE WHOLE YEARS. We tried to have a visit summer before last but he had a mishap on the way here and oh it was just a mess.