Monday, February 20, 2017

Don't hold your breath

It feels like spring has sprung in Ontario! But - as my title says - don't hold your breath. This time of year the weather can turn on a dime. It sure is nice to be seeing sunshine however.
Yesterday we piddled away and got all fifty centimeters of snow and ice shoved off the side deck. Fortunately we don't have any railings on that deck right now so that made the project quite easy. A bit of snow would get shoved off and then we would let the sun go to work for a bit, shove some more, sun it, etc. I'm looking forward to dragging my lawnchair out there and catching some rays.

My daughter is moving AGAIN! (Second time in two months). She is fed up with her son and his girlfriend and tried to kick them out. Grandson announced that as long as HE is on the lease she can't evict him. And he can have whoever he pleases in his room. So daughter decided she is going to move! She is taking the goods and furniture and goods that she wants to keep and leaving them with the crap that we all seem to accumulate. She will be in the same building but in her own private space. Daughter is a neat freak, so I would imagine the new place is going to look quite a bit different than that space they are in now.

We had some guests a few days ago. A couple and their sweet little bulldog named Alfie. I love it when doggies come to visit. I get my puppy fix and lots of cuddles. We aren't ready to get another dog yet but it's nice to have the dog time. The cats aren't so sure. One runs for the hills, not to be seen until well after doggie leaves the scene. The other hangs out on the beam that runs across my livingroom, watching the carrying on.

I started another painting today. Water. Crashing. Foaming. Blue-white-grey-green. Crazy ocean water, has been on my mind.  After I wash my brushes and sit down to relax, I always feel so calm. Painting is a big catharsis for my anxiety.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day or Looking WAY BACK

Like Christmas and Easter, many of our celebratory traditions predate Christianity.

Did you know that Valentines Day is part of that bigger picture? The whole idea of expressing our love for our partners in a significant way goes back to the time of our migratory hunter gatherer ancestors.  The presenting of gifts of food and treats is part of their deal too.
Like the other "wild things" on the land, ancient homo sapiens had times when they were most fertile. It is believed that February was the best time to conceive.  Man would present gifts of food and honey, which was a precious commodity. A man with honey was much in demand! When his choice was made, the mating rituals would be conducted and if all went well, a pregnancy would result. If the union was amicable and fruitful, the couple would become monogamous, well, mostly monogamous.
Why February? At this time of year, the hunter gatherers would be breaking their winter camps and starting to roam once again.  It was important that the women were fit to participate. With the majority of the babies being born late fall and early winter, they had time to recover and give those infants a good start.
So Happy Valentines Day to all those young lovers.

Monday, February 13, 2017


We had a huge dump of snow yesterday. It snowed off and on since Friday in fact, but really started to come down in earnest yesterday into the night.
Do you see that fence way back there? Since building that fence, there has never been a winter where it was totally buried. Given that it is only the 13th of February, I think there is a good chance it may disappear this year! There are snowbanks in the photo, but they are a good forty feet between the tractor and fence.

This photo was taken about 3PM yesterday. It was really coming down at that time!

I've come to the conclusion that the piles of wood inside are holding up the rickety wood shed roofs. They are just wings off the proper shed roof with a 2x6 being held up with some cedar poles which are NOT fixed into the ground.\

Snowbanks out at the head of the lane are higher than I am tall. I walked out to get my mail a short while ago. The mailbox was full of snow!

Cat TV is always fun. I throw a handful of seed in front of the window when I fill the feeder. I swear that red squirrel puts on a show just for the benefit of Miss Kitty. My two cats NEVER go outdoors by the way.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Today is Friday

Oh I have such a lot of chit chat  today!

First off though, I want to post this photo for Joanne. is almost the mate to your sweater isn't it?
I made it with a turtle neck, and good generous sleeves. I am going to rip back the waist and knit it longer. This sweater was just a project I wanted to do to use up some yarn, but now it's going to someone to wear while skating to keep her behind warm. I'm making it generous enough to wear another top under. It's  a perfect layering sweater!

There are terrible situations on the ground in other parts of the world. I am always so frustrated that a person like myself, with no political leanings, no disposable financial resources and no way to physically go help.....well I thought there was no way I could help. 
Then I saw a photo in the newspaper today. It was one of those Getty stock images that can often be construed as exploitative. None the less, it really made me think. Look at this child flopping about in these big shoes.  (This is not the same photo I saw in the newspaper. I do not know the original source of this one, it came off Pinterest....but the subject is the same)

Why can't we collect shoes as a group and send them to these places where the little ones are in such dire need? If one approaches a NGO, they always say, send us money and we'll take care of things. I don't like that method, and I'll tell you why. There is always some executive at the top of the pile who needs a cut to make things more. There may be several executive levels all getting a cut. That is why I do not give money to these groups.  
I want to find a way for us to collect childrens shoes and boots and send them DIRECTLY to places where there are children in need. I don't care what conflict is causing the issue, I don't care what side of the the conflict or disaster. All I care about is the children who are in need.
I know the Canadian military took supplies to refugee camps a few years ago. Wouldn't it be nice if they could find space on one of those aircraft for a few boxes of shoes and boots? Please, lets brainstorm........  Now, I need to know.......who do we send these things to? I need your help and finding some names and places.

I was going to mention my great leaps and bounds in some genealogical research today as well, but I think that one will wait for it's own post.