Monday, February 20, 2017

Don't hold your breath

It feels like spring has sprung in Ontario! But - as my title says - don't hold your breath. This time of year the weather can turn on a dime. It sure is nice to be seeing sunshine however.
Yesterday we piddled away and got all fifty centimeters of snow and ice shoved off the side deck. Fortunately we don't have any railings on that deck right now so that made the project quite easy. A bit of snow would get shoved off and then we would let the sun go to work for a bit, shove some more, sun it, etc. I'm looking forward to dragging my lawnchair out there and catching some rays.

My daughter is moving AGAIN! (Second time in two months). She is fed up with her son and his girlfriend and tried to kick them out. Grandson announced that as long as HE is on the lease she can't evict him. And he can have whoever he pleases in his room. So daughter decided she is going to move! She is taking the goods and furniture and goods that she wants to keep and leaving them with the crap that we all seem to accumulate. She will be in the same building but in her own private space. Daughter is a neat freak, so I would imagine the new place is going to look quite a bit different than that space they are in now.

We had some guests a few days ago. A couple and their sweet little bulldog named Alfie. I love it when doggies come to visit. I get my puppy fix and lots of cuddles. We aren't ready to get another dog yet but it's nice to have the dog time. The cats aren't so sure. One runs for the hills, not to be seen until well after doggie leaves the scene. The other hangs out on the beam that runs across my livingroom, watching the carrying on.

I started another painting today. Water. Crashing. Foaming. Blue-white-grey-green. Crazy ocean water, has been on my mind.  After I wash my brushes and sit down to relax, I always feel so calm. Painting is a big catharsis for my anxiety.


  1. I wish your daughter the best. No sense in putting up with an unhappy situation, and unhappy people.

  2. I'm sure that your daughter will be happier in her own place. I'm cautiously optimistic that spring is on its way...although I won't put away my winter coat yet!

  3. It sounds like your grandson needs to learn some respect, unfortunately.

    It is that time of year when weather can be weird. We can still have snowstorms well into April.

  4. I hope your daughter enjoys her new living space. My daughter's uni friends (and her too I'm sure!) were such slobs in their rented house together for 3 years. I would hate to be trapped in a place where no one else cared about keeping it clean and tidy. I think spring is really close down here. I'll be surprised if we get any more substantial snow now.