Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day or Looking WAY BACK

Like Christmas and Easter, many of our celebratory traditions predate Christianity.

Did you know that Valentines Day is part of that bigger picture? The whole idea of expressing our love for our partners in a significant way goes back to the time of our migratory hunter gatherer ancestors.  The presenting of gifts of food and treats is part of their deal too.
Like the other "wild things" on the land, ancient homo sapiens had times when they were most fertile. It is believed that February was the best time to conceive.  Man would present gifts of food and honey, which was a precious commodity. A man with honey was much in demand! When his choice was made, the mating rituals would be conducted and if all went well, a pregnancy would result. If the union was amicable and fruitful, the couple would become monogamous, well, mostly monogamous.
Why February? At this time of year, the hunter gatherers would be breaking their winter camps and starting to roam once again.  It was important that the women were fit to participate. With the majority of the babies being born late fall and early winter, they had time to recover and give those infants a good start.
So Happy Valentines Day to all those young lovers.

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