Friday, February 10, 2017

Today is Friday

Oh I have such a lot of chit chat  today!

First off though, I want to post this photo for Joanne. is almost the mate to your sweater isn't it?
I made it with a turtle neck, and good generous sleeves. I am going to rip back the waist and knit it longer. This sweater was just a project I wanted to do to use up some yarn, but now it's going to someone to wear while skating to keep her behind warm. I'm making it generous enough to wear another top under. It's  a perfect layering sweater!

There are terrible situations on the ground in other parts of the world. I am always so frustrated that a person like myself, with no political leanings, no disposable financial resources and no way to physically go help.....well I thought there was no way I could help. 
Then I saw a photo in the newspaper today. It was one of those Getty stock images that can often be construed as exploitative. None the less, it really made me think. Look at this child flopping about in these big shoes.  (This is not the same photo I saw in the newspaper. I do not know the original source of this one, it came off Pinterest....but the subject is the same)

Why can't we collect shoes as a group and send them to these places where the little ones are in such dire need? If one approaches a NGO, they always say, send us money and we'll take care of things. I don't like that method, and I'll tell you why. There is always some executive at the top of the pile who needs a cut to make things more. There may be several executive levels all getting a cut. That is why I do not give money to these groups.  
I want to find a way for us to collect childrens shoes and boots and send them DIRECTLY to places where there are children in need. I don't care what conflict is causing the issue, I don't care what side of the the conflict or disaster. All I care about is the children who are in need.
I know the Canadian military took supplies to refugee camps a few years ago. Wouldn't it be nice if they could find space on one of those aircraft for a few boxes of shoes and boots? Please, lets brainstorm........  Now, I need to know.......who do we send these things to? I need your help and finding some names and places.

I was going to mention my great leaps and bounds in some genealogical research today as well, but I think that one will wait for it's own post.


  1. I don't know, the problem is that you do need the logistical framework of an organization to do that. Unfortunately that does mean charities. It's best to research which ones spend the least amount on overhead.

  2. On a more local basis, check out The Warm Hands Network. Based in Ottawa, they collect warm clothing for children in Northern Canada.

    1. Thanks Kate, I do know about WARM HANDS!

  3. It's pretty much the same sweater. Do you start with the turtle neck, or pick it up? I knit my neck ribbing double and fold it over and stitch it down.