Friday, March 31, 2017


Goodbye March you ugly messy nasty thing you.
Are you getting snow? It looks like snow as it falls here but there is no accumulation and it sounds like rain on the roof. I am so longing for nice weather....

I was off to my spinning class last evening. I am SO frustrated by the whole process. My excellent, patient teacher, Wayne, makes it look so easy. I can get the wheel going at a nice even pace, but do you think I can get that fleece to spin without breaking? Wayne suggested we spend the time until our next lesson just working the treadle and forget about trying to spin. He wants us to get a good even tempo going with the wheel, find a seat that is comfortable, simple stuff. He generously gave Holly (the other student) and I each a lovely big bale of stuff to spin. I had admired this purple stuff on several occasions when I'd gone to his place to purchase yarn, and now he has gifted it to me!
My wheel is very old but it is in wonderful condition and works like a charm. It's the operator that needs work.

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