Saturday, March 11, 2017

Old Man Winter, why?

We are experiencing the coldest temperatures of this winter this weekend. The forecast is for -32 tonight but I'm sure it will be colder than that out here in the sticks. The pipes for the kitchen sink run close to a basement window on an outside wall, so we are going to prop the cabinet door open tonight. Hopefully it won't freeze. We had one of the outdoor taps freeze last winter in the same location. (I'm just thankful that all the plumbing in this place is quite accessable.)

Daughter and I did a bit of shopping today then she and her pup came out for a weekend visit. Her pup is moping around whining. We think he is looking for our dear departed Nemo. Right now he is stretched right out in front of the wood burner so he's not too distressed!

I scooped the ashes into a bucket and scattered them around the front of the house this afternoon. It's like a rather bumpy skating rink out there. Ashes are great on ice. Some don't like them because they get tracked into the house, but I'd rather mop up a bit of ashy footprints than spend weeks in a cast.

I FINALLY got some progresses with my knee issues. My useless (up to now) GP has referred me to a pain clinic. She said they will refer me on to a rheumatologist or orthopedist. The only thing she wanted to do was throw Tylenol 3 at me which is NOT something I want to get hooked on.


  1. Sometimes specialists know what to do; sometimes as useless as your GP. We're due for cold weather all week, but not so cold as your. Winter be gone.

  2. We have a new orthopedic unit opened at our local hospital. The three surgeons are bright young things, hopefully a good sign!

  3. I wouldn't have thought that about fire ashes, but it makes sense.

    The bitter cold has pretty well settled here as well.

    1. The ashes are great! If they are hot they will rough up the ice. Also, when the sun hits them, they warm up and melt the ice.
      I was just down throwing some garbage in the bin. When I opened the door that air felt like a slap in the face. Hope tomorrow is an improvement.