Sunday, March 26, 2017

Road Runner

My dear daughter was pounding the ground again today. This event was Around The Bay run in Hamilton, Ontario. That girl loves to run!

The weather is slowly improving our way. Yesterday was just spectacular. The sky was a wonderful sapphire blue as the sun shone brightly over the land. We were driving out in the countryside and noticed the south facing slopes are all looking bare. The snow banks are all pretty depressing in the yard here though.  Last this afternoon we've had a mix of rain and sleet and that sort of yucky mix. It is supposed to be warming up overnight so that's promising. We're out on the road doing some hard work tomorrow and we don't want it to be nasty.

I just got word that another of my cousins has passed away. I feel so bad, it almost seems as soon as I find one, another passes on. 

My fibromyalgia has been kicking up a bit too much this past week. I have several medical appointments this week so I hope there is some progress on my treatment plan. Two of my closest friends have had knee replacements in the past week (well one is happening tomorrow). Another friend is going for hers the first week of April. The wait list seems to be really moving along.

Daughter and I went to a Paint Party in aid of the local HandiBus last week. It was a great evening. I've done a few Paint Party events before this, but it was all new to daughter. I think she was really impressed that she had some art talent in herself. It would be great if she would get more interested in it and learn to express herself through art.  

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  1. That's quite a distance to cover, around that bay.