Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wet Feet

The waters have subsided in my immediate neighbourhood. The creek and river have resumed their regular paths. I wish I could say the same for the chain of lakes up the highway a bit.
Homes are flooded. Trailers in the trailer parks are floating. Roads are closed. Businesses are closed.
I saw a photo on a website of a nice boathouse in Muskoka, collapsed.
The ice is breaking up on the lakes. The MNR is hoping the winds don't pick up and drive those ice floes into cottages and boathouse and cause further damage.
It's a right old mess.

It has been a rather sad week for our family. My dear cousin Colleen passed away a few days ago. She had recently been diagnosed with cancer. I've been trying to reconnect with my paternal family after years of estrangement. It's hard to be happy when this happens.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happy Easter

My dear Irish Mother, she who was always one to pull off strange statements and observations, always said we could expect winter to last "until Easter". Well folks, we had our snowstorm and Easter is upon us.
So is all this:

Yes folks, it's the week of the annual flood. Some worse than others, this year is getting a lot of press.

The highway is closed just back of my house. This seems to happen every alternate year.

 That isn't my house floating in the pond, but our neighbours. I don't know how they cope with that every year. The nearby village of Killaloe is in an awful mess. The old historic mill, of frame construction, is listing badly. It could very well have toppled into the drink by now as I haven't had an update since last night. Pembroke is also rather worse for wear. We saw a big crane hoisting debris out of the river this morning. The trees and lawn furniture and all sorts of garbage and muck were all caught up on the bridge supports. Many homes and a school are in a bad way. The power and gas has been cut off to that section of town. It's the worst it's been in a few years. I can only think of one that was worse in my 30+ years in the Ottawa Valley.
I'm going to be entertaining over the next few days. I hope you and yours have an enjoyable holiday weekend.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another Tuesday

Didn't we just have one? Oh well, they keep coming don't they?

It has been pretty warm our way. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. We were on the road all day doing some work for some folks who are laid up. We didn't know if we would get up the road to Killaloe, but the river had dropped overnight and the road was open.
We arrived home about 3PM. We were just nicely settled back in the nest when the thunder started to rumble. The rain came down shortly after and continued all night and for awhile in the morning.
Folks, the river she did rise! The highway back of me is now closed until it drops again and the bridge is inspected. I don't expect they will find any problems because they only replaced it last spring. Why they didn't raise it has me scratching my head though.
I finally dug the end of the clothesline out of the snowbank this afternoon. I'm looking forward to getting the next load of laundry hung outdoors!
Back to the doctor today. I have to do some physical therapy to strengthen the connective tissues after a year + of inactivity. Other than that it seems like I can put one foot in front of the other for awhile longer.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


We had a nightmare of a storm through Thursday night. We woke up Friday more to 8+ inches of heavy wet snow. The trees were laying on the ground. Those that couldn't bend, broke. The power went off at 12:30 PM and didn't come back on until 4:30 Saturday.  Thankfully it has gotten very warm again and everything is melting like mad.
The car got fixed yesterday, for which I'm extremely grateful. It needed ball joints, control arm, bearings, a big nasty job. It didn't help that the only power in the garage was from a smelly, loud generator that made the atmosphere horribly nasty. But, it got done and we took it for a test drive. We went up over the hill on the highway for a look at the river. It has jumped it's banks and is flooding over the road that parallels mine about a kilometer up the highway. It is entirely possible it will be OVER the highway by tomorrow, closing the road. We have to work tomorrow. Driving a big truck and trailer through there.... IF the highway is closed we will have about a 40 km detour.
On a lighter note, the birds are a joy! The phoebe woke me up this morning chattering away in the spruce tree outside my bedroom window. At lunchtime I spied a raven picking through the bird seed mess off the side of the back porch. Those things have HUGE heads when you see them so close! I also saw a pinkish bird that I haven't identified yet. Perhaps a purple finch??
One of the squirrels was entertaining us with a pole dance. It was rolling around on the top rail then slithering down a vertical rail. It rolled around on the floor doing it's crazy contortions. Not sure what that was all about.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring has sprung - a leak!

Do you remember learning "April showers bring May flowers" when you were a child?
We've had an awful lot of rain the past 24 hours. The ground at back of the house is still covered with several feet of ice. The rain coming off the house is leaking in the opening in the foundation where the oil line comes through, leaving a wee puddle in front of the furnace. We have this problem almost every spring. In fact, we've tried everything under the sun to plug up that opening, to no avail. Oh well, the puddle is manageable. The rain is REALLY taking the snow down too!
Several of my friends and family have posted photos of snowdrops and crocus popping up in their yards. I have lots of bulbs planted here and there around my place, but they are still buried under a lot of snow. But the good news is, there is bare ground showing along the horse fence. There is LOTS of mud where the plow had cleared the snow over the winter. The first robins appeared yesterday and seem to be finding lots of food. I've been entertained by a crow in my compost heap. He/she seems to sort things into piles before eating something. It flings teabags around like frisby!

I saw the pain specialist and started the steroid treatments on my wonky knee yesterday. She made a few suggestions which I intent to follow up on. I really don't want to have joint replacement surgery until there are no other options. It was nice to have freezing in my leg for a few hours and therefore, pain free. Once it wore off the ache was unbelieveable. I felt like I'd been stabbed in the leg with a rusty ice pick. I had a rough night. The discomfort has worn off quite a bit, so hopefully I can get a short walk in this afternoon.