Sunday, April 9, 2017


We had a nightmare of a storm through Thursday night. We woke up Friday more to 8+ inches of heavy wet snow. The trees were laying on the ground. Those that couldn't bend, broke. The power went off at 12:30 PM and didn't come back on until 4:30 Saturday.  Thankfully it has gotten very warm again and everything is melting like mad.
The car got fixed yesterday, for which I'm extremely grateful. It needed ball joints, control arm, bearings, a big nasty job. It didn't help that the only power in the garage was from a smelly, loud generator that made the atmosphere horribly nasty. But, it got done and we took it for a test drive. We went up over the hill on the highway for a look at the river. It has jumped it's banks and is flooding over the road that parallels mine about a kilometer up the highway. It is entirely possible it will be OVER the highway by tomorrow, closing the road. We have to work tomorrow. Driving a big truck and trailer through there.... IF the highway is closed we will have about a 40 km detour.
On a lighter note, the birds are a joy! The phoebe woke me up this morning chattering away in the spruce tree outside my bedroom window. At lunchtime I spied a raven picking through the bird seed mess off the side of the back porch. Those things have HUGE heads when you see them so close! I also saw a pinkish bird that I haven't identified yet. Perhaps a purple finch??
One of the squirrels was entertaining us with a pole dance. It was rolling around on the top rail then slithering down a vertical rail. It rolled around on the floor doing it's crazy contortions. Not sure what that was all about.


  1. Oh my goodness, Karen. We got snow but it melted before it hit the ground.
    Today is lovely. I am enjoying sitting out in the closed in porch. Hope you can do the same.

  2. We got some of that snow, but more of it as rain.

  3. Same snow here, and now the same fast melt!

  4. Gosh. We had rain, which resulted in flooding. It's been a spring!