Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another Tuesday

Didn't we just have one? Oh well, they keep coming don't they?

It has been pretty warm our way. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. We were on the road all day doing some work for some folks who are laid up. We didn't know if we would get up the road to Killaloe, but the river had dropped overnight and the road was open.
We arrived home about 3PM. We were just nicely settled back in the nest when the thunder started to rumble. The rain came down shortly after and continued all night and for awhile in the morning.
Folks, the river she did rise! The highway back of me is now closed until it drops again and the bridge is inspected. I don't expect they will find any problems because they only replaced it last spring. Why they didn't raise it has me scratching my head though.
I finally dug the end of the clothesline out of the snowbank this afternoon. I'm looking forward to getting the next load of laundry hung outdoors!
Back to the doctor today. I have to do some physical therapy to strengthen the connective tissues after a year + of inactivity. Other than that it seems like I can put one foot in front of the other for awhile longer.


  1. We got that rain too. It's cooler today than it was yesterday.

  2. Rain here, as well. And a bit of hail. I'm so sorry you still have enough snow to dig a clothes line out of! (very bad grammar, I know) Hope it warms up for you. -Jenn