Monday, May 29, 2017

a Family Affair

Went to the city for my grandaughters confirmation - followed by a family gathering. We had a grand time. I think this is the first time I can remember there not being any scraping and squabbling. Everyone got along, had a wonderful time. The food was amazing.

The girls were playing "Charlies Angels" out behind the garage. This is my youngest daughter doing her pose.

Two youngest daughters. I have several identical poses over the years from when my blond daughter was a tiny baby. 

Eldest and I just standing around chatting when Son In Law yelled SMILE!

Four daughters in order of age, left to right.

Second eldest daughter with her eldest son. T. has grown up so fast

Daughter in her new kitchen.  They've had a lot of fun renovating this house.It was quite a sight when they bought it. The former owners loved weird and whacky colors and trimming.

Eldest with the quilt I made for her birthday

Eldest grandson with daughters sweet Bermese Mountain Dog. 

Eldest and I posing with the quilt

I haven't done so much driving in quite some time so the trip was a bit of a challenge. I'm hurting today! Still, it was so wonderful to see ALL of my children again.

(I did see my son but he isn't into having his photo on Social media. We don't put photos of the children out there either.)


  1. What a beautiful family!!! My youngest (32, a son) doesn't like his photos out there, either!

  2. How nice to have a smooth day. Makes the best memories.

  3. Oh, It's so nice to see you and some of your family! (I don't do a whole lot of pictures including people, either). Looks like you had a nice time together. -Jenn

  4. Having several children of the same sex has always given some challenges, haha. Like young children, they can often find something to get into a scrap over. It was all about fun and laughter this trip though!

  5. Nice to meet your family! I avoid pix of children too.