Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15

 I had decided to revamp the blog with more of a genealogical focus, but obviously that hasn't happened, YET. Maybe later in the year I'll find the time to work on that.

Life is crazy right now. To start with, a close friend of mine is going to join us here in the "Family Commune" as my son in law likes to call it. It seems there is often someone moving in or moving out. My house is kind of a safe and comfortable stop in the road when people close to us are seeking a better life.
My friend is moving from a house, so she needs a rather spacious room. I'm in the process of moving OUT of my workroom/bedroom into a normal size bedroom. I have so much STUFF to sort, store or discard. It's hard to think back, 22 years ago, when I went down a road by myself with a sewing machine, a backpack and an armful of books. Where did all this STUFF come from???.

It seems like we are moving from winter to flood right into summer. It's going to be VERY warm this week!
There is a lot of outdoor work to do. The snow seemed to be a long time leaving.  I finished cleaning up the last bit of rubble from the old porch today. It was under a snowbank of course. My flower beds have been all raked and reseeded as necessary.  They are all kind of rough beds. I'm not the type of person who wants to spend hours every week on my knees pulling weeds. I sow them rather densely with good stuff, and if the odd weed or bit of grass creeps in there, so be it.
I haven't even touched my veggie beds yet. I'm hoping my friend will dive in there and take care of most of that. Gardening is one of the activities that she is longing to get it once she gets out of the big city.
My birthday is fast approaching in a matter of days. I officially become a senior citizen in the eyes of the government of Canada. I will get a little pension and some discounts here and there. I think we will be going out for a meal on the day. Gosh, I have to remember to renew my license before the day too!!!
Next week, daughter and I are heading to the big city to the south for some family time. I am so excited about seeing all of the grandchildren. It has been several years since I've seen some of them. On the Friday we will be going to visit with my dear son. I haven't seen him in FIVE WHOLE YEARS. We tried to have a visit summer before last but he had a mishap on the way here and oh it was just a mess.

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