Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So this is a new tool

At this time of year, I don't do much quilting, or genealogy. There are some days though, maybe it's miserable out, or really hot or something like that, well, I log into my family tree and the DNA pages.
So let me tell you the most valuable discoveries from all this:
First off, I proved who my paternal grandfather was. It pains me that I made this discovery when my father passed away so there was no opportunity to talk to him about his father.
I've done DNA testing with two different companies and posted my file with two other services. My daughter has tested, as has my brother.
From all of our tests, I've found a surprising number of paternal relatives all over the world.
The one that breaks my heart is the first cousin to my father, who lived in our neighbourhood. She didn't have any siblings or cousins. NOT ONE - or so she thought. My father and his full sister were her first cousins. They lived close by but never knew each other.  Until she had her own children, she didn't think she had any living blood family.
We have discovered a pirate! We've discovered a cousin who was shipwrecked with her son on the way to a new life in New Zealand. They were stranded on a remote island for seven months before they were recovered!
Despite my assumption that my heritage is 100% Scandinavian and European, I have DNA matches who lived in the Orient and Hawaii. We're attributing these folks to our pirate ancestor.  It's still so remote though....we have to have another connection. Perhaps a closer relative who was across the Pacific doing military service???  I did have a half great uncle who was in Japan for quite a few years.

 I have a close childhood friend. I knew her mother, who was a war bride. The mother seemed like she had a little bit of something in her that no one seemed able to pinpoint. She told her kids she thought her biological father was part Chinese.  When she was adopted, there were items given with her when the (Caucasian) birth mother handed her to the adoptive family.  So, my friends niece and her son have both done DNA testing. The niece has her results but isn't going to share anything until her cousin receives his.  The family is waiting anxiously to see what the results reveal!!!

DNA is a wonderful compliment to your family tree work. It is a great tool for proving ancestors and finding new connections.


  1. It's fascinating what you start to encounter when you do that.

  2. A pirate! What a hoot.
    I'm adopted. It;s not a big deal to me.