Saturday, June 24, 2017

It's a Girl!

We have been thinking about getting a new dog for awhile. While not searching in earnest, we just kept our ear to the ground and put out the word.
A friend of a relative got in touch about this little girl.  They tried to tell us she was first a Golden Retriever, then a pure Lab. Well she is obviously a nice mix of Lab and something else. She is not well disciplined and only seems to know the SIT command, but she is learning very fast.
Now if we can just get Miss Kitty to warm up to her.


  1. Awww, she looks like she's ready to be loved by you! What's her name? -Jenn

  2. She is SO SMART! She had hardly any training at her previous location but she is responding really well with us. Her name is Baya, but the rate things are going she will likely be responding to Sally soon. My room mate calls her Long Tall Sally. (She's very long and lanky).

  3. Welcome, little girl, to your new home. Listen carefully to your new Mommie, then do one goofy thing everyday, so she gets a good laugh. Be sure to drop your ball wherever she may be gardening, but try to avoid laying in the garden.
    Puppies have no problem changing names. We decided that we would give ours a new name as a symbol of his new life with us. Since he didn't come when called by his old name, it worked out just fine.

    1. She is a fantastic dog. She kept running away from her previous home. M. says she was trying to run to us and that our late pup Nemo told her to come here....he's so sentimental. We haven't even considered letting her run free yet, even though we are living in the back end of nowhere. We want her well grounded to this place. She doesn't know about playing games yet either, poor doll.

  4. What a lovely dog. She truly has a home now.
    Take care.