Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17

This will be a boring post.
It is raining, almost every day. It is humid and uncomfortable, even when it is cool and raining.


Our garden is putting on the show of shows! We have tomatoes, cucs, onions, radish ready to eat. I haven't checked the carrots or potatoes yet but they have big showy plants up top that look promising!

We took Baya to the lake on Saturday. She had a wonderful time. The other day Marlene and I went shopping and I forgot to grab the trash bag that I was dropping at the head of the drive. 'Nuff said

That was a horrible mess to clean up. I had thrown a container of rancid flour into the bag. It was wedged into every crook and cranny and ground into the rug. She ate a lot of it too. The next morning we got up to dog poop from one end of the kitchen through the dining room. I was scouring hardwood with disinfectant at the crack of dawn - yuck!

I want to wish John Grey a happy retirement! I wish you many virtual Scotch Eggs and a wonderful rest of the summer to enjoy all your free time. (Somehow I don't think John will be spending the rest of his days "in front of the telly eating crisps")


  1. You must have got your garden planted early. Mine is just waterlogged and the only thing I have ready to eat is lettuce. That's too bad about your dog getting into your garbage (and the aftermath). Well, at least we had some sun today in between the clouds :) -Jenn

    1. Can you believe we are STILL planting potatoes!! The taters I get from the Mennonite market stand are from last year and sprouting like mad. Taters are in a plowed up patch. My soil is extremely sandy and we are on the side of a hill. Everything else is in raised beds so the drainage is good.
      Dog needs a lot of training but she is coming along.

  2. Well that sounds like one of the worst messes I've ever heard of! Glad you survived.

  3. Oh well... consider it a lesson learned.