Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Holiday Blues

I haven't really been experiencing the post vacation blues. I'm sad and ticked off because I lost all of my photos from the cottage, Sudbury and points east. I was sure I put them on my computer but no way, they are gonzo.
It has been busy days around here. After a couple of nights with FROST I've had work to do in the garden. The squash and cucs are all finished. The potato plants are toast, but the tubers are fine in the ground for a good long while yet. We dig them as we need them. Surprisingly the tomatoes and peas are holding up just fine. I have no recollection of planted a Black Krim, but that plant is just booming along. They are some tasty tomatoes. I am CRAVING a tomato sandwich on white bread with lots of Miracle Whip on it, but alas, that bread will make me very ill.
I have been planting perennials like crazy too. I sure hope they do well next year.
Daughter and I went to Fiber Fest in Almonte, Ontario on Sunday. It was nice, but I didn't think it was a nice as last year. Daughter seemed to really enjoy herself, other than having a serious allergic reaction to the alpacas. She broke out in blisters! Thankfully she had Benadryl in her purse which helped a lot. I was a very good girl and only bought one skein of very expensive yarn. I gave myself a budget and didn't hardly put a dimple in it!

This afternoon M and I went to a lake in our county to do some fishing. The fish weren't about to be caught at all, but the trip over and around the lake was just lovely. The weather was absolutely perfect. I saw several loons and heard them talking. That just made the whole trip out worthwhile. I had missed them this summer. I also saw a bald eagle drifting around over the cliffs at the north side of the lake.
It was a grand day!

We have some squirrels living in the wall. They are driving me crazy - and the cats crazy - and the dog crazy. Today one of the little ones was scampering across the screen in the diningroom window. I think mom has tossed the little guys out of the nest. (They are flying squirrels so he shouldn't have even been out in the daytime.)


  1. How very Canadian of you to have a flying squirrel in your walls a la Rocky and Bullwinkle! -Jenn

    1. I know! Hilarious isn't it? Mom would visit on the side porch earlier in the summer. All we need now is to see one of the elusive moose that hang out in our back 40.

  2. I've only once seen a flying squirrel while camping in Bon Echo. They are so cool! Not so cool to be living in your wall :o Glad to hear the colours are turning quickly as we're back up there next weekend...woohoo!!

  3. I've seen flying squirrels- quite a thing at night. It sounds like you've been busy.

  4. Oh, gosh! Flying squirrels. They are adorable.
    I hope you get your wood done. It's the reverse here. Hubby cannot do it at all. Good work on the gardens. I did not do one. I just didn't have the energy. The leaves are beautiful already! cheers