Sunday, October 8, 2017


Wishing all of my Canadian folks a happy Thanksgiving.

I am missing my family something fierce today.

Today, October 8, is also the anniversary of my best friend Bonnie's passing. I am missing her something fierce today too.

So I'm not feeling so happy myself, but I'll get over it.

The weather is just grand. Still! The leaves in my yard are spectacular, but it is very windy today, so they won't be around long. As my blog pal Hilary Quint said "Autumn burns brightly....then burns out." Very aptly said Hilary. 
I have all the windows in the house open wide. I had a little lay down this afternoon and the breeze blowing through was just lovely.
(end on a positive note!)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! It's different when your family is all far away.

  2. Your trees are beautiful right now! Holidays are tough when you are missing family. Hang in there. -Jenn

  3. The fall colours look lovely.

    I'm far from family, so days like yesterday I tend to keep myself busy doing things so I won't dwell on it.

  4. What a snug spot for your lovely home :) You're getting some really nice colour there now. There still isn't a whole lot down here, but maybe with the colder weather today we'll see more.
    I'm sorry you've been feeling a bit blue with missing family and dear friends. It does get rather sad when families are distant and those we love have passed away. My family hasn't got together for any gatherings since my dad passed away, and I too miss those huge get togethers. I hope to make more of an effort in that regard this coming Christmas. I hope you're feeling better as the week progresses.

  5. Thank you for your kind thoughts folks. The leaves have pretty much hit the ground now. It was a bit damp today, but I'm planning to scoop up a bunch of maple leaves and burn them in a bucket. Memories!!