Friday, March 31, 2017


Goodbye March you ugly messy nasty thing you.
Are you getting snow? It looks like snow as it falls here but there is no accumulation and it sounds like rain on the roof. I am so longing for nice weather....

I was off to my spinning class last evening. I am SO frustrated by the whole process. My excellent, patient teacher, Wayne, makes it look so easy. I can get the wheel going at a nice even pace, but do you think I can get that fleece to spin without breaking? Wayne suggested we spend the time until our next lesson just working the treadle and forget about trying to spin. He wants us to get a good even tempo going with the wheel, find a seat that is comfortable, simple stuff. He generously gave Holly (the other student) and I each a lovely big bale of stuff to spin. I had admired this purple stuff on several occasions when I'd gone to his place to purchase yarn, and now he has gifted it to me!
My wheel is very old but it is in wonderful condition and works like a charm. It's the operator that needs work.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Road Runner

My dear daughter was pounding the ground again today. This event was Around The Bay run in Hamilton, Ontario. That girl loves to run!

The weather is slowly improving our way. Yesterday was just spectacular. The sky was a wonderful sapphire blue as the sun shone brightly over the land. We were driving out in the countryside and noticed the south facing slopes are all looking bare. The snow banks are all pretty depressing in the yard here though.  Last this afternoon we've had a mix of rain and sleet and that sort of yucky mix. It is supposed to be warming up overnight so that's promising. We're out on the road doing some hard work tomorrow and we don't want it to be nasty.

I just got word that another of my cousins has passed away. I feel so bad, it almost seems as soon as I find one, another passes on. 

My fibromyalgia has been kicking up a bit too much this past week. I have several medical appointments this week so I hope there is some progress on my treatment plan. Two of my closest friends have had knee replacements in the past week (well one is happening tomorrow). Another friend is going for hers the first week of April. The wait list seems to be really moving along.

Daughter and I went to a Paint Party in aid of the local HandiBus last week. It was a great evening. I've done a few Paint Party events before this, but it was all new to daughter. I think she was really impressed that she had some art talent in herself. It would be great if she would get more interested in it and learn to express herself through art.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Working on my income tax return. The printer/scanner won't print, probably dried up ink seeing as I haven't used it since last year at tax time. I'm going to forget about paying $50 for a new ink cartridge and just spend $10 or less to copy at Staples.

It is a beautiful day. Sunny and warm, I love it! Going to run to town for a couple of things and a run through Staples. Any excuse to get outdoors.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Family Ties

It is a grand weekend! The sun has continued to shine and the temperatures are tolerable. One of the porches is completely bare. I occasionally stand out there and imagine the projects I want to do and how lovely it is going to look.

Searching for my cousins birth family is going well. I mentioned previously that we had determined that one of my grandmothers sisters was the mother of K's father.  Diligent digging through various sources has found the gal I suspected working exactly where my father used to tell us she worked. Then in 1940, not long after the birth of the child, she is a domestic in the home of a lawyer.  I've been trying to learn more about this lawyer but not having a whole lot of luck. It appears that he left Toronto and moved to California a couple of years later. That matches my great aunts movements as well. She came back to Peterborough for awhile. She then returned to Toronto around the time of my sisters birth in 1954.  Did I also mention that this woman is my Godmother?
My cousin match is in Toronto for a week trying to find more proof and visiting relatives.

We have a gaggle of M's family coming for a bang up turkey dinner today. We were sorting out the deep freeze and found a rather big turkey. Good excuse to get the fam together isn't it!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Great Escape

I am so thankful that we managed to miss most of that big storm this week. We got about 5 cm, about an inch, which blew around like mad creating some spectacular drifts in places.
It's a glorious sunny day, still a bit breezy, but warming up. For this I am grateful!
I've been a little under the weather with a bit of a respiratory bug, but much improved today. After spending most of the last few days laying in bed, my poor body is so stiff and sore. I'm trying to walk and stand today.
I missed yarn along again this week, but that doesn't mean I haven't been knitting. This Pi Shawl is on my big circular needle right now. I'm going to run out of space before it is done. Another participant in my knit along was telling me she is using FOUR 30 inch circulars right now. I think I'm going to have to go on the hunt for another one later today.
I've lost the label already, but the yarn is 75% alpaca and 25% acrylic. It's lovely squishy stuff!

I'm very busy with genealogical projects these days. I'm working with two adoptees who are eager to find their families. One, of course, is my 80 year old aunt. We are close, but I am worried close is as far as we are going to get.  The other person appeared as a close match on my Ancestry DNA page over the weekend. His father is the adoptee. The non-identifying information they were given is VERY familiar to me, and the DNA segments substantiate the match. The gentleman is the grandson of one of my grandmothers siblings. The tricky part is going to be proving WHICH sibling is the parent. Three of the siblings in question were in the right place at the right time and working at the place in question.  I'm working closely with the fellow to optimize the resources. Either way, he is my only living cousin on that family line.....and I'm thrilled to have him in our fold.

Animals, don't we love them

Miss Kitty LOVES a basket of dirty laundry to recline in. When it is in front of Cat TV it is the most comfortable place a cat can be.

It's hard to see the wing marks in this photo, but Mr. Owl swooped down and scooped up one of the many squirrels that hang around here.

My grandpup Steel was here for a visit on the weekend. He was glued to the Pet TV screen as well. Poor boy spend some time looking for his cousin Nemo when they first arrived. He wandered around the house sniffing and whining. Yeah, we felt a little sad too Steel.....

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Old Man Winter, why?

We are experiencing the coldest temperatures of this winter this weekend. The forecast is for -32 tonight but I'm sure it will be colder than that out here in the sticks. The pipes for the kitchen sink run close to a basement window on an outside wall, so we are going to prop the cabinet door open tonight. Hopefully it won't freeze. We had one of the outdoor taps freeze last winter in the same location. (I'm just thankful that all the plumbing in this place is quite accessable.)

Daughter and I did a bit of shopping today then she and her pup came out for a weekend visit. Her pup is moping around whining. We think he is looking for our dear departed Nemo. Right now he is stretched right out in front of the wood burner so he's not too distressed!

I scooped the ashes into a bucket and scattered them around the front of the house this afternoon. It's like a rather bumpy skating rink out there. Ashes are great on ice. Some don't like them because they get tracked into the house, but I'd rather mop up a bit of ashy footprints than spend weeks in a cast.

I FINALLY got some progresses with my knee issues. My useless (up to now) GP has referred me to a pain clinic. She said they will refer me on to a rheumatologist or orthopedist. The only thing she wanted to do was throw Tylenol 3 at me which is NOT something I want to get hooked on.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A new month, A new beginning

Can you believe that spring is only three weeks off! Our weather has been rather crazy the past week. It have been very warm, very rainy. The next three nights are going to dip into the -20 range with a good dump of snow forecast for tonight. Crazy eh? That's March for you! Someone on Facebook said March and November are bipolar months. Couldn't have said it better.

Can you see the squirrel on the chair? Miss Kitty can. She watches it for hours.

Foxy slippers from my friend in England to match the mittens I knit.