Monday, February 12, 2018

Physio Therapy

Well today was an interesting day, as physiotherapy started.
It was good new/bad news.
I have a really good bend range. The knee will come up to 103 degrees which apparently is quite excellent at this stage of the healing. Yes, there is still some swelling, which will go away as I move around more. My therapist suggested elevating my feet at night. Well my goodness, that lasts until I fall asleep then the pillows are all on the floor and the dog is laying on them, ahahaha. She said I might want to consider raising the foot of my bed then - well, we'll see. Once that swelling goes I'll be able to bend it even further.
My big problem is STILL getting that leg straight. Oh my goodness folks, I was in TEARS after she pushed and pushed and pushed me to flatten that leg out. I swear I can feel those little muscle fibers tearing at the back of my knee. I also suffer with fibromyalgia so that's a double ended whammy.

The dressing came off once we were back home. They told me to get into a really warm shower and just let the water course over my leg as I pulled off the dressing. It doesn't look nearly as gross as I had expected in the end - or maybe I've just looked at so many photos of other folks incisions?
My therapist told me to put the walker in the car and use it for shopping trips. I'm on the cane now.
It is certainly a LOT easier to go up and down stairs with just the cane!

I've switched the Celebrex to late evening and I think that is the key to getting good sleep. Celebrex is a powerful anti-inflamatory post surgery. I fell asleep easily, had a good unbroken sleep and woke up refresh and ready to meet the day!

Now to get that darn knee to flatten.......


  1. You will get it. Patience and rest and time. Hugs B
    changed my link :)

  2. Well, it sounds like things are looking better -- that's a good thing. Just keep at it. In the end, your patience will pay off.

  3. If you've got good mobility and getting good sleep, you're doing well!

  4. Rehabilitating joints is hard work!

  5. A good night's sleep is the key to all the rest, Karen. Well done, and carry on. It will work out.

  6. I cringe reading it. I'm such a wimp. Good work in your healing process.