Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Doctor Visit Now the fun part begins

Today was my two week postOp visit. The metal staples were removed to start with. The lady doing the pulling said staples work extremely well for high stress incisions like joints. She said it is so rare that they split, she has NEVER seen it.
She swabbed my incision over and over again with some sort of extremely cold solution to clean, sterilize and desensitize the area. Then she picked them out with some tool which I didn't see because I'm a big chicken little and can't look! It felt like she was picking out slivers. A little pricky but nothing bad.
So, after she swabbed the area down again, Dr. Mattews came in for a gander. He said it all looks good and no damage was done when I went whoopsee. He said there isn't even any fresh bruising - JUST DON'T DO IT AGAIN!
Of course, his only concern is my inability to flatten out my knee. He and that woman pressed my knee hard flat out. IT HURT LIKE HELL - sorry - it did. But he said it went flat relatively easy even though I am feeling a lot of discomfort. (It actually feels Better after the torture!!) No harm done. He gave me instructions for an exercise together that will make me scream for mercy for awhile, but it will get better.  My furniture is all rather soft so the doc suggested we put a blanket on the floor and I sit with my back against the couch, feet together, while someone PUSHES hard but slowly above and below my knee. I'll be hollering all right, but just tune me out okay?


  1. Karen, I'm so glad it will be better. Even now.

  2. someone in my genealogy class was talking about pushing the knee. Sounds grim but keep at it. It looks like things will improve soon and I'm so glad!

  3. Sounds like a good report from the doc.

  4. Oh that make my knees hurt just reading it. :( Hope the torture does not have to go on too long!!!

  5. Read back on the last 6 or so posts - think that in a month - spring will be springing - and you will be feeling so much better. Be gentle with yourself - you will be able to walk the camino yourself. :)

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