Thursday, February 22, 2018

Good progress

I was really anxious going to physio therapy yesterday. My initial session was REALLY difficult so I wasn't very happy heading in.
Much to my surprise my PT said I was making very good progress! She gave me some more advanced exercises to do which I found quite effortless. I'd been "standing at the bar" (my windowsill) doing them for at least a week without thinking about them.
We are going to continue focusing on my extension therapy. I thought it was still pretty bad but she was very pleased with how much better it was from last week. She did point out that I was doing TOO MANY repetitions which was probably contributing to my pain levels. This afternoon I managed to extend the TIME of my extension rather the NUMBER. I'm really surprised how nice that bit of stretch in those thigh muscles feels when I got walk about after. I managed to walk NORMALLY down the stairs without the cane, then the length of the house.
I'm my own worse enemy at times, LOL


  1. I'm so glad things are getting a little easier. I know that it's hard to stay patient but seeing that progress reminds you it will indeed heal!

  2. Way to go, Karen!! Maybe you were expecting too much, too soon. If your physiotherapist is happy, then you must be doing things right! -Jenn

  3. It's difficult to take it easy, isn't it??!! cheerio