Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Hello and happy Tuesday everyone.
Yesterday was physio once again. It happens on Mondays and Wednesdays. I sure wish they would put Friday in the schedule too. I find that gap hard to handle.
Well, last weekend I was just about out of my mind and needing to get out and about. On Saturday we went off to an indoor market at Killaloe, just down the road a bit. It was a lovely market and I was able to get what I wanted there - a nice jug of this years maple syrup! We hit up the little bulk store and the grocery store so that was a bit of walking for me for one day.
The next day, Sunday, was a sunny one, but windy as heck. I REALLY wanted to get out and do more walking but the wind was just too much, so we headed into the mall. I managed to get from one end to the other and in and out of several shops along the way.
These little bits don't sound like much, but they are my first real bits of honest to goodness walking.
Physio on Monday was BRUTAL. My knee was so stiff and sore! I could barely do the exercises required of me. My therapist tried to move the joint but it wasn't happening. It kind of distressed me when I heard her say Oh My God half under her breath. NOT GOOD. She put me on the bike with a good bit of pressure at the end. I think she was quite surprised that my cycling was so good. I did quite a few kilometers under a fair bit of pressure without much problem at all.
I have been working very hard at my extension exercises last night and this morning. I have to get that knee loosened up before the scar tissue shuts it down altogether.

Our blog friend Stew, "The Wooly Gnome", is still in hospital following his procedure. I'm sure my readers will all join me in wishing him well and hope he is soon home with his feet under him again.


  1. I hope you continue improving. I worked my way through a hip replacement and turned down knees, though life would be better with new knees. Too much work.

  2. It sounds like the Wednesday-Monday gap for physiotherapy has drawbacks. The best you can do is do some extra at home.

  3. Post-op rehab is not for the faint of heart. Hang in there! Thank you for the visit.

  4. I'm so sorry you've had a bit of a setback, Karen. Hang in there -- I know it will get better but it does sound like a challenging recovery.