Saturday, March 31, 2018


I learned that my physio therapy is going to be extended by two more weeks. I was worried...

This week she gave me another new set of exercises to do. Quite miraculously, most of the sensation came back into my knee. It is common for it to take awhile to come back and for some, never does.
All of a sudden I can feel the flexation, which makes it a lot easier to do those exercises.
My knee is still rather bent but I'm pretty confident it is going to straighten out with time and work. It's hard work, and it's painful work.

I've been ordered to do these new exercises three times a day with twenty repetitions.  So what do I do? If 20 is good, 100 is better, right? NOT! Now I have a sore hip which has me not able to do ANY exercises today...


  1. Repeat after me: I will do the exact number of repeats ordered by my physiotherapist, no more, and no less!
    Doing extra has the exact opposite result to what you want. Trust that all the years of training she has had has taught her a few things.

  2. Just believe in the process (and no more 100 reps!). :) -Jenn

  3. I learned that baby the hard way. I have to say, I hated getting discharged from PT. I loved the discipline of it. But then, my issues were less painful. You be careful now!

  4. It's hard work, but the end result makes it worth it.