Thursday, March 15, 2018

SIX weeks in

Hello friends, and happy Thursday. The end of the week is nigh!

I'm now six weeks post surgery. My motion range is still going much much slower than it should be and I can't extend the operated leg very well.
There seems to be a bit of problem with one of my muscles. My calf muscle is very very tight. It bruises easily too. Over extension or the slightest bump will bruise it. The whole department was having a good look at it yesterday while I did a variety of movements. The consensus is that there is no blood clot, BIG RELIEF, but something isn't right.
I see the surgeon next week and will have some more Xrays.

I can walk pretty well without the cane now. I take it with me if I'm going out to the hospital, but it's more like a security thing than an actual need. Yesterday, in a light snowfall,  I walked the length of my long lane to pick up the newspapers! Such a simple thing but such a big step toward being NORMAL again! I stood at the end of the lane and breathed in, breathed out, that wonderful forest air. It was amazing. It was actually AWESOME in the real sense of the word!

The bath chair came out of the shower this week too. It got to be so cumbersome. I STOOD ON TIPTOE and put the regular shower head back on the spigot and had a nice standing shower. 

I feel like I am at least at the same point I was post surgery. Now that conditions are getting more favorable for walking, I believe there will be some improvement every week. Maybe I'm not as flexible as most of the others in my physiotherapy group, but I'm soon going to be ahead of where I was before.

I really enjoy peddling my exercise bike in the house. I've never been one who could peddle for long in the past. I think a proper bicycle might be coming to this address in a couple of months. I may not have a tolerance for a long walk but cycling seems to really be going well and could be my new thing!


  1. I'm glad you can walk without the cane now, even if you like it nearby for ïn case."And to stand in the shower again. All good things. You're certainly doing all the right things -- It just takes time.

  2. Progress is the good news. Don't be ashamed of that cane. It can be the difference between stability and a fall. I often find I've left mine hanging on my left arm, and a couple of time have been happy to find it there.

  3. Mike took me for a walk in the snow this afternoon. I ditched the cane at the mailbox and just held the crook of his arm. He felt much more secure than the cane! Walking in snow (or sand!) really uses a lot more muscle power than a flat dry surface. I could feel those ligaments pulling like mad. I see a lot more outdoor walking in my future.

  4. Hopefully the doctor can give you some answers. And spring will be coming too, which I imagine will be helpful.

  5. Spring is coming soon. Soon you'll have a spring in your step, as well!

  6. BTW we went to Myer's Cave for a trip. It was fun.