Saturday, March 24, 2018

Surgeon visit

So I'm at Seven Weeks PostOp.  I saw the surgeon, well two surgeons actually, on Wednesday.

They had a good time manipulating my scar. Dr. Matthews says I "scar funny" but it all looks good.  The bottom three inches of my scar is pale and flat. The top is lumpy and purplish and itchy as heck. He says there isn't any sign of infections though. That part is constantly irritated by my exercises and clothing apparently. I had kind of figured that out on my own but it's always a relief to hear it from not one but two doctors. The second doctor is training to be an orthopedic surgeon and doing her time in the clinic.

I have some new exercises to do which we hope are going to help this knee that won't stretch flat. One is kind of funny, but I do feel it pulling those muscles. I have to use my operated leg to pull myself around on a wheelie chair. It freaks the dog out, hahaah.

Walking is part of my every day life now. Some days it hurts but I keep at it.

I'll be back to see the surgeon later in May.


  1. Hopefully the exercises are of assistance to you.

  2. You "scar funny". Well, that's something. Hope these new exercises do the trick for you! -Jenn

  3. I always love it when docs validate something I think too! Keep at it -- you'll get there.

  4. Hope the new exercises help out. Thanks for the visit. I hope your daughter and GFs enjoy their afternoon tea. I wished that I lived closer to the Grey Gables Tea Room!