Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Whoops, not related to my knee thing

No physio today. The road isn't plowed.
We had a major bit of weather blow in last night. Heavy wet gloppy snow. It's taking a wee break at the moment but apparently it's going to pick up again with a vengeance and high winds thrown in for good measure.
I've filled the buckets for the flush and counted our batteries for the lights and the radios.  The wood supply will do us for a few days. We will use the generator if need be.  That heavy wet snow on all the pine trees is not good for the power lines once this wind starts to really pick up.
The good news is that it is all supposed to end tonight.
It better, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow as my GP closes out her practice. I can't afford to miss that one.


  1. Wow. Similar weather here, but my consequences aren't so critical. Best wishes.

  2. Oh, I hope by tomorrow all is well for you transport-wise. We had snow too but not so much and not so critical.

  3. We had a brief moment of calm and sun then it came blasting in like Old Man Winter on steroids. Power blips off and on. Hydro One has a map online showing THOUSANDS of folks without power. This is our worst storm of the year for sure.

  4. it has been a bad storm, we came off lightly where we live, but all around us are suffering.

  5. It came in here as well during the night.

  6. Crappy gross horrible weather here as well. Some lost power today but we were lucky. I drove home in occasional white out conditions today. Not amused. Hope you'll be ok and it calms down soon. -Jenn