Monday, May 28, 2018

FACEBOOK drives me crazy

If you were my facebook friend, you may be surprised to be getting a friend request.
Fact is, my old facebook was hacked over the weekend. I have no control over the old page. I can't delete the offending posts. My friends who were tagged can't remove their tags, nor can I. It has been reported but facebook isn't making much of a move to help.
So YES, I do have a new facebook page and I should be sending YOU a request. I've cut my contacts big time on the new page. I'm sick of having these problems. I only keep the darn thing to be in the loop with my close friends and family who live away.


  1. Oh Karen, that's bad. It's one thing to have it hacked and someone get requests. I've had that one happen to me before. But another altogether to not even be able to get in. So sorry...

  2. I'm persona non grata with Facebook at present, thanks to their seeming to love suspending people without cause and without appeal while giving a free pass to bigots each and every time.

    1. Don't they love to suspend accounts!!!!! Then why can't they stop these hack jobs.........ggggrrrrr.