Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Spring delayed

It is still cold, wet and miserable in these parts.
I have flats of flowers and seedlings under three sets of grow lights and tomatoes on every flat surface and window sill!

Our firewood arrives tomorrow. Before the big heavy truck pulls in I have to go put the markers on the corner of the leaching bed for our septic system. That big load would crush the pipes and then we'd be in a pickle.

The tulips and full size dafs finally have buds! My lilies are sprouting. They are all such hardy things.

My birthday is this week. No plans have been made or mentioned. I think for my 70th I'm going to go off on a vacation all by myself. Check into a Best Western with a nice pool and a restaurant and just suit myself!

It is finally forecast to warm up this week. The blackflies will be out in earnest! I must find my mesh jacket if I'm going to be spending any time outdoors.

They have identified the body pulled out of the river last week. It is not the girl who fell in last week, but another teenager who went missing in the big snowstorm back in February.


  1. I find I am craving sunshine. My tulips haven't opened yet. I do hope your celebrate your birthday in some way! As to blackflies, I do think the world would be better off without them. -Jenn

  2. Some of my tulips are poking up with bud stalks - they are brave because the weather is still so chilly. I like your idea of how to celebrate your birthday, swimming with no worries of blackflies or other insects! Happy Birthday.

  3. It sends a shock to the community when this happens, doesn't it?
    Wonderful to see the spring flowers.
    I hope you have a fabulous birthday. happy birthday.
    Thanks for sharing your issues. It feels better to know I am not alone. It breaks my heart. Mind you, I've felt worse about losing Daisy, than that. I have dreams about her!

  4. Tulips have been late in the city too.

  5. We are finally forecast to have warm weather as well. I am super excited! We do have sunshine today as well as some warmer air. I am thrilled to see 80's in the forecast though.

  6. oh that's awful finding another body. The weather has just been awful hasn't it? I am hoping to get in the garden this week if it warms up. Sending you birthday wishes as well.

  7. Spring is mighty feeble this year, so far. You have a good birthday!

  8. I hope your wood arrived safely and with no damage.

    Now, onto important things -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Is it today? I hope so -- it would be fun to be writing it today on your birthday. But in any event, I hope you are being delightfully surprised and well treated on your special day! Maybe spring will even smile with some sunshine!


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