I've about had it with this lingering spring. Lingering spring means the black flies just won't die off. I can't use bug sprays. My bug jacket must have a loose elastic or a hole that can't be seen. I look like I have chicken pox! But daughter and I got a big load of firewood thrown into the wood room today. We are sure happy to be starting on that.


  1. I swear we have mosquitos as big as small birds here. I hate biting bugs!! All this wet weather is just making matters worse!

  2. You're right in criticizing this spring that's supposed to be a week short of summer, and isn't. Hope your black flies are soon gone.

  3. Oh dear, sorry you can't use bug sprays. I do, but find that even that doesn't keep the blackflies away. I've been popping antihistamines for the crazy itching of the bites! Good job with the firewood. -Jenn

  4. I hope those blackflies die off fast.

  5. I was actually quite sick last night and this morning due to the MANY bites I got. Puttering about indoors today, full of antihistamines. Hate that stuff! Still no sign of any dragonflies around here. Until they appear the darned critters are still after us. They needs a sustained temperature of something like 25 to bring them up and dryness along with the heat to kick the critters down.

  6. Sorry about the bugs and flies. That's awful. So far, no bugs in my world but I'm dealing with basement issues from the rain and more to come. Will it never end?

    1. We discovered a wee patch of black mold in the basement where we had earlier discovered a large mouse nest under the firewood. We will have to tear the wall back to the blocks and treat it. It's in our wood room, so rather than use sheet rock again (which just gets all bashed up anyway), we are going to use some of the cedar panels we have been hoarding. It will be a lot more durable and won't mold.


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