Saturday, September 26, 2020


Another wagon load of wood ready to go into the house. My tomato buckets are waiting to be emptied.


We went apple picking a few days ago. I've made pies and crisp and the dehydrators is humming away.

View of the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Hills in the distance from near Braeside

This is where the Bonnechere River empties in the Ottawa. This was our first time here.

The tree beside the shed

Another maple behind the house is yellow

Multi colored back yard

The last flower from my garden

View through our side door. The cats love to crouch there watching the birds at the feeder

Colors at a boat launch somewhere along our travels. The boat launches are all very busy this beautiful weekend

View from the lookout at Westmeath

The weather has been so spectacular this week. This weekend there have been hoards heading into Algonquin Park to see the colors. We live right on the edge of the famous park and we don't like the crowds anyway, so we headed in the other direction. We saw beautiful colors as we traveled along. We saw lots of farmers harvesting beans and corn. We saw, and visited, farm shops selling all manner of produce. Tomorrow we are getting together with our little bubble for dinner.

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