Saturday, May 8, 2021

Happy Mothers Day

 My cousin recently shared this sweet photo of my mother and I. I just love it. I was about a year and a half old. Every other photo of me as an infant it's my dear old dad holding me.

My mother was the youngest of five and born during the roaring twenties. There was a huge age gap between her and the next sibling so she was almost an only child.  Her teenage sisters hated having a baby sister in the house, hogging all the attention! Mum was much indulged. She was really into sports and was quite the party girl. She enjoyed many trips to the big city for fun.
She and my grandmother, then me, and my youngest daughter, all graduated from the same high school. Four generations of women. Isn't that amazing?
During the second world war she was a comptroller at a major manufacturer. That is sort of like an accountant. The comptroller handles all the money transactions.
After the war, when the boys came home, her sister and brother in law encouraged her to step out with a nice young fellow who was known to her family. That guy would soon be my father.
Mum and Dad raised three of us, losing one daughter shortly after birth.
We lived in my maternal family homestead. The photo of me above was taken shortly after we moved there. We stayed in that house for 15 years. 
Mum had a variety of work experiences over the years. 
She and Dad were married 41 years when she passed away. 
My Mum was a character. she had a funky accent, being raised by an Irish father and Scottish mother. It was most pronounced when she had a beer or two in her. She loved Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves music. She rolled her own smokes and drank beer. She was a champ at Rummy and Solitaire.  She had a stinky old female yellow lab, boxer mix named Spike. She liked to drive her muscle jar and never turned down an offer to go for a spin on the back of a motorcycle. She loved to tell jokes. My long suffering father would roll his eyes and shake his head, but he loved her to death.
Her grandchildren have all the best, fun stories to tell about their grandma. I think she liked being a grandma more than a mother. Hahaha

💖Happy Mothers Day in Heaven Mum 💗


  1. Wow, she sure knew how to live!!!

  2. I enjoyed reading your fond recollections.

  3. Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman, full of fun, and a genuine character with loads of character! I love her adventuresome spirit. And that photo is such a gem. I'm glad she got to know her grandchildren and have such a long life with your dad.

  4. Your mom sounded like a hoot to be around.
    Mothers Day. The time of so many memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a Happy Mothers Day.

    It's about time.

  5. She sure was the fun Grandma. I have some hilarious photos of her with the kids playing silly beggers in the kitchen. Cooking pots on her head and sticky Christmas bows on her bum. One on the kids favorites is her feeding her stinky old dog freezie pops. She would take the kids and dog for drives in her funky car. She had a close relationship with her friends at the First Nation community near where she lived.

  6. What a lovely description of your mother. I would have liked her had we been neighbors. I may never have quit smoking.

    1. Mum developed a strange blood disease called Polycythemia and HAD to quit smoking. She was on oxygen for the last couple of years. She had a LONG tube on the thing, so she could walk two houses over to visit her friend Evie. The two of them together were a side splitting laugh.

  7. What a wonderful story. Your Mom sounds like a terrific lady! Thank you!
    My Dad had emphysema for a lot of his latter years from early smoking and had the long oxygen tube to walk around the house with.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Happy Mother's Day, Karen!

    I've known Jen (and Darron) for 20+ years :) I met Jen through the Girls Night Out Club.