Thursday, October 14, 2021

Change is in the air

 We have had a couple of rainy, breezy days. The colorful trees around my place have pretty much shed their leaves. All that remains are the oaks, which are slowly donning their beautiful burgundy gowns. The tamarack in the bog just past my lane are slowly turning gold too.

When I drove into the yard at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, it dawned on me how dark and dull the place looks now. 

I checked the long range (two weeks) forecast for my area a few minutes ago. Tomorrow is to be quite warm again, but the temperatures are going to take quite a dive from there on in.  I just wish we would see more sunshine.

We have some family coming for a birthday dinner on Saturday. (Yes, I know it seems like that happens a lot here. My living/diningroom is 36 feet by 13 feet so we are best situated to feed a crowd. The rest of the family sure don't have the space, living in apartments and tiny little houses). That should be the end of the celebrations until Christmas. Lets pray we are all able to gather with our families.


  1. The leaves have been 'raining down', and the evenings and mornings do seem to be so long and dark now. We have been collecting the leaves for next year's mulch, and for compost. Got to get them while they are dry! Hope you have a lovely time with your family.

  2. Yes Fall has arrived for sure, rain here today which is much appreciated:)

  3. Went to Wheelers today. Still much nice colour out there but not at Wheelers. I guess the sugar maples drops early, and they are yellow, and it was dull out. But it was still a very nice outing after such a long time.

    1. I had to take a drive to Pembroke today. Beautiful foliage along the way. The golden wave is peaking.

  4. I just can't get over how warm it is at the moment. At least we don't have to put on the heating so that is good.

  5. Another beautiful warm day here, but it's not going to ladt much longer!

  6. We had a bit of snow this morning, which turned to rain for the rest of the day. What I've noticed most is how early dusk comes these days. It was still dark at 7:30 this morning and it is well into dusk now at 6 p.m. That's partly due to the cloud cover, but it is so dull out there.

    Enjoy the birthday celebration! Take care, stay well.