Saturday, November 26, 2022

Craft Fairs and seeing Santa

 I decided to visit a couple of Christmas Craft Fairs today. One was put on by Taste of The Valley. I'm not sure who organized the second, but it was in support of our local outreach center called The Grind. I think it's time they dropped the word CRAFT from these events. There is not a whole lot of crafts on offer anymore. The majority are vendors of tat as far as I'm concerned. I bought some dog treats at the second place, that was all. The smelly stuff sure was hard to take. I was glad I had one of the heavier "winter" masks in my pocket.

I ran into the mall after that disappointment. We needed milk and something else essential. Turkey's were on sale so I grabbed one of those too! GOOD PRICE! Walking down the mall, I noticed it was black Friday sales all weekend. I ducked into a store to pick up a gift I know my daughter really likes. Santa was on his throne outside this particular shop. There weren't any children lining up yet. Santa gave me a wink and a wave and he kept STARING at me. I thought to myself, that's kind of a wirey slim Santa. I glanced back over my shoulder when I came out and he gave me a wave, THEN it dawned on me. This particular Santa is my friends HUSBAND. haha. D. has been growing a nice beard since the end of summer. Now I know why.

There is a bridge closed on the route out of town so I had to divert through the downtown core. There were a number of closed streets and a parking lot had pontoons lined up on it. I wondered what the heck that was all about. When I got up to the lot where the summer farmers market sits there was a big two ton army truck with a FLOAT on the back. The Santa Claus parade was this evening at supper hour! 

It was a very warm sunny day. Lots of folks were out and about without coats.  After a bit of cold, a ten degree C. day seems relevant. In the summer we would be freezing, hahaha. So that was my day. I came home to a cup of tea and a nap.