Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Hump Day

 I woke up at 5:15 to the sound of roaring machinery. The loggers were hard at it at my recently widowed neighbours. We were barely upright when J. (the widow) arrived for a break.  She said they were starting to work around 5 every morning this week, but expected to FINALLY be finished today. The fellow running the heavy equipment was going to come over to her house and trim up some trees that have been giving them some anxiety for some time. We had a really nice visit and she was able to get a lot off her chest. J. also said we are like family, which really touched us.

J and her late husband were trying to sell the farm privately for a month or so. M. gave her the name of one of his clients who is a very motived realtor. I hope for her sake, and that of the little lad, that she gets a quick sale. She has secured a good job some distance from here so she needs to finish up.

We had another wicked wicked rain storm today. The thunder boomers were in the distnace but the downpour was something wild. 

The HEAT is on again. Before it got too stifling I did some housework upstairs. My cat is losing her long hair in big clumps, poor thing.  My daughter T. shaves her long haired persian cat in this heat, but my old girl has never suffered that indignity before. 

Tomorrow is my daughters birthday so we have some plans. 

I am in love with this ship, which is in harbour in Brockville for the Tall Ships 2022 Festival.

pulled from FaceBook

I finally got an appointment to go into hospital for some LONG over due medical tests. I'm some relieved about that.


  1. WOW that ship is so peter panny!

    1. I never learned to sail, but I'm enamoured of sailing vessels. I'm particularly in love with this one.

  2. We used to shave our old Persian but Polly because he was very bad at taking care of himself. Typical male, eh? 🥸

  3. Good luck with the tests! I feel for you.
    I'm wondering about visiting Brockville, if the weather is nice.
    We used to shave our Persian as she couldn't clean her bum. She was a bit overweight, but who am I to point a finger!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country , ON, Canada!

  4. The Tall Ships Festival sounds fun. Hot here, too but not much rain. Have fun with the birthday!