Monday, January 23, 2023


 I'm not a huge fan of leftovers. I grew up in a household where Mother cooked up a huge cauldron of potatoes on Sunday. They were recycled into various forms for a few days. I just hated the taste of them.

There are only two adults in this household. Maybe once a month we will have mealtime guests, usually the old folks. M. had bought two fairly large hams in anticipation of a big group of relatives at Christmas. We know that didn't materialize. Saturday he decided we would do one of the hams. Dad was coming to get his brakes fixed on the car while B. and I visited.  It was a nice meal. I even baked a pie for the first time in I don't know how long.

Yesterday M. wasn't feeling too well and my mouth was not happy, so we weren't into eating ham and scallop potatoes. Today we had to do something about that. The ham is all cut off the bone. I'm going to make lentil soup with the bone broth for my dinner. M. is going to use all the juice from the ham roast to make his split pea soup. There you have it, I don't like split peas and he doesn't like lentils! 

For lunch, I chopped up the scallop potatoes, then heated it with some milk. When it was all nice and soft again I went at it with the hand blender. I put cheese and bacon in my potato soup, so the combination worked out well. Viola! Potato, cheese and bacon soup. 

The neighbour across the road phoned and said Grab the camera and Come Quick. I came around the corner of the house and saw these guys. I went indoors to take the photos. They weren't bothered at all. They chomped all the lower branches off a small maple tree then trotted back up the hill.


  1. oh neat, never seen moose close up. Love homemade soup. Thinking of making veggie soup tomorrow for the week.

  2. Ham and scallops has me thinking.

  3. I love scallopped potatoes -- with or without ham! Ham is the one leftover I like because it is so versatile -- carbonera, ham and eggs, ham and asparagus casserole, sandwiches, soup, and of course, with potatoes! Yum!

  4. Isn't that fun! I have seen moose in Muskoka.
    We had great leftover today. I was relieved as I usually hate them!

  5. We like leftovers here although i usually only have enough do a second meal. So we don't get tired of it.
    Your potato soup made my mouth drool!
    Great capture on the moose!!

  6. What a thing to see moose.

    Scalloped potatoes is my favourite way to have them.