Thursday, March 16, 2023

What a nice day

 It snowed in the morning, but didn't amount to naught. By the time M. headed out on the afternoon service calls it was more like rain.

He wasn't gone too long when the first call came in for a fellow wanting service for a boat motor. Let the games begin!!

The puppy and I went out for a nice walk. I hauled out some garbage, filled the bird feeders and brought in an arm full of firewood. The sun was trying so hard to break through those clouds. The temperature was great. I wasn't long shedding hat and gloves.

The neighbour phoned for a natter, then my close pal Marley and then my pal who is recovering from heart surgery. I was happy to hear the local agency FINALLY connected with him to get some services. His Wednesday worker did some grocery shopping for him. His Monday worker is going to catch up his laundry. He hasn't quite got everything figured out yet but it sounds like the agency is working with him to make sure all of his needs are met. He still has some concerns about his incisions but I urged him to phone the doctors tomorrow.

The weather still looks a little dubious for tomorrow. If it does turn out to be a washout I'm hoping to get our tax returns done........yeah, I know, procrastination reins.


  1. Nice to hear things are being done for your friend. Less worry for you too.

  2. Good that progress is being made for your friend.

  3. I'm glad your friend has home care now. And it sounds like a pretty good day!