Saturday, September 16, 2023

Another week in the can

 Saturday! What a nice day!

I picked up daughter from work and off we went to some fall fairs. The first one was in an arena. There was a bit of food and lots of crafters and vendors. We couldn't find some of the features we were hoping to see, like the petting zoo, hehehe.

On the way back into the town we had to stop by her work because she forgot her phone. Then we drove right down town. I"m trying to spice up my fall and winter wardrobe a bit. I haven't bought new clothing for several years. There is a vendor downtown that has really nice local clothing items. I love her fleece sweatshirts. Done and dusted for now I guess!

Next stop was to the second outdoor fair event. It was a big bust. There was supposed to be food trucks and displays of preserves and crafts that were judged. Nowhere in the advertisement did it say the judging was going to be when the fair first opened, and then to be gone forever. We were quite looking forward to that. There was only one food truck on site and it sure didn't appeal to us. 

So we hopped back into the car and headed back into the town. We took a tour through Winners. I needed some good quality vanilla and daughter T bought treat for her son. Then we headed next door to Michaels. I've had some really encouraging comments about a couple of my paintings. (Nothing like some positive reinforcement to keep one focused!) I needed to buy some more canvases, and decided to go a bit bigger than those I've been using.

We stopped at a fast food joint for a refreshing drink to round out our afternoon.  Glad this day is done. I'm knackered!

A couple of visitors up the hill. The little fellow with his back to the camera is a frequent flyer but the older female with the nice white pompom on her tail is new. I wonder if she is his Mom?

Have a great Sunday


  1. Hate it when Flyers forget those important details.
    You had a busy day along as the visitors.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Whether the craft fairs fit the bill, sounds like a nice outing all in all. It is tiring though!
    Love the visitors!

  3. Too bad the fair was a bust but it sounds like an overall very nice day!