Friday, September 22, 2023

colors of my world


Progression of the big maple tree beside the shed.

We are getting the car ready for winter. We sat in a line for a good hour to get the undercoating done. 
From there it was off to the weekly grocery shop. I've been keeping track of food expenses for over a year. Already this month we are DOUBLE last year. September isn't over yet! I hope we don't need to shop anymore this month!
I just heard an abandoned air strip not far from us has been set afire. Sure hope they get that out quickly. It's a huge acreage of scrubby brush. Some punks playing with fire no doubt.


  1. Could be they are trying to revitalize the blueberry crop! Seems that I remember a fire there last summer as well.
    There have been bits and bobs of yellow leaves showing up for a while, but suddenly the soft maples around the clearing are getting a burgundy look to them. Looks like your tree will be a beauty.