Thursday, September 28, 2023

Fantastic Autumn

 Our remarkable weather is just hanging on! The forecast for the next week is more of the same. Our nights are pretty cold but it's nice sleeping temperature isn't it?

Our chimney got cleaned yesterday. It was the dirtiest I think it's ever been! Two buckets of black crystal stuff got hauled out!!!! I vacuumed the inside of the woodstove. It too was pretty dirty. I had to pull all of the filters out of the machine and order more.

My yard didn't get a nip of frost last night but the neighbour across said he did. Tonight we have the beautiful harvest moon shining in the east facing windows. It is so big and bright!

 "Big Red", the Acer Rubrum beside the shed, is starting to shed her leaves. She is always the first to don her fancy dress, but it doesn't last long. The Acer Sucrum, the sugar maples, are nice and orange now. The younger ones are yellow. Soon enough the oaks will pull out their deep burgundy colors. They are the last to turn.

M. Got the little red suv fixed this afternoon. It was a simple repair, but he didn't have the proper tool in his arsenal. Our area has recently brought in a  big penalty for loud vehicles. He was really feeling anxious about having to drive right on to the main street in the town to get to the garage! I talked to our elderly neighbour this afternoon and made a date to go on tour on Saturday.

My sore leg has greatly improved by taking it easy and having a slow walk every evening. Sadly my left knee is how feeling like bone on bone. When the right one started to get bad I had cortisone shots every three months for a year. For starters, I don't have a family doctor to get the process started, nor is there a clinic around here doing the shots. It took three years on the wait list to get the right knee replaced but I'm not holding out much hope for this left one.

I love September and October. Wouldn't it be nice if this weather held until the end of the month?


  1. We've had a wee nip of frost a couple of mornings, but no plants suffered. I am gradually ripping apart the garden and getting it ready for it's long sleep.
    Apparently you and I are both suffering with our knees. It is my right one now that is giving serious twinges. I can't face the long and tedious process, so am holding on until I can't any more.
    The moonshine is beautiful, and cleaning the chimney is moving rapidly to the top of the list of fall chores. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

  2. I'm sorry about you knee. I know how painfu walking issues can be. But isn't the weather nice? They say it will be in the 80s at least early next week -- and that's up north! (The it dips down to the 40s and 50s -- but you can't have everything!)

    1. Really warm here until next weekend, then quite a drop.

  3. Glad your leg has improved but that knee joint sounds painful! Can you get on that list for replacement though?
    The moon is lovely, I'm not good at photos of it it but I still try! haha
    Just one bit of frost a week or so ago, so far, Maebeme and J are both getting the cold temps out west and I'm thinking it will be soon on our doorstep. Like on Thursday. It's gorgeous here now too!

    1. I've had the right replaced six years ago. The orthopaedic surgeon knew the left was iffy too at that time. I don't have a gp so getting a referral is tedious.

  4. I've got arthritis in the left knee, but only feel it on very cold days