Tuesday, October 3, 2023

We go rambling

 On Saturday my friend J and I headed for the hills, so to speak. She has history in that area, but hasn't been in many many years. 

J standing in the Lyndock cemetery where many of her relatives are buried

Beautiful view over Lyndock cemetery

Zoomed in a bit

Lyndock Baptist Church

We saw this lady and her dog puttputting across the field. She stopped to admire the view and pulled out her phone to take photos. I wanted to tell her how lucky she was, but I was afraid of startling her.

J and I took photos of each other with the blazing hills behind. Unfortunately it was a little hazy when we started out so things look a little muted

Letterkenny Road. Voted the best motorcycle ride in Ontario. We saw hundreds of bikes! We are at the intersection of 512 and some other road at the southern top of the road. There were bikes gathered here and folks standing in the middle of the road getting this iconic shot

Gorman Lake on Letterkenny Road. There were fishers, boaters and picnics happening here. 

My arthritis has really flared up the last couple of days. I hate taking naproxen, but it really helps. After it kicked in I took a run to the town to buy more cabbages. M. is making saurkraut and cabbage rolls for his mother. I picked up a couple of essentials and scurried on home. I'm sure glad the ac in the car works well. It got up to 30.5C today!!!! Tomorrow is the last hot day, then a cold blast will start to move in. "They", whoever  "they" are, are saying the Algonquin Highlands might see snowflakes by Sunday or Monday!
Our Canadian Thanksgiving is the coming weekend. We will host my daughter, M. father and stepmother and his aunt and her partner. (His Aunt and I are friends from way back.) His folks have been quite sick with this bug making the rounds, so we sure hope they are feeling up to coming out for dinner.
The following weekend I go to visit my family in Peterborough. It has been a year since I saw my siblings and four since my daughters! 


  1. Looks like a nice day! Those 4 pictures of the colorful leaves sold be grouped in a frame! Gorgeous!

    1. I'm going to print them all for my friend J.

  2. I recognize that view on Latterkenny but not the lake. We once tried to find the supposed Capone cabin but didn't wander in because of the private property signs.

    1. I've been travelling that road for years and still don't know where Capones cabin is! It's owned by a Pembroke lawyer now. Gorman Lake is the first lake on your left when you turn on to Letterkenny Rd from Brudenell. Next is much bigger Charlotte Lake, then little Hardwood Lake.

  3. The colours are close to their best now. Lovely peaceful picture at the lake.