Thursday, February 8, 2024

Quoting song

 Something happening here. What it is, ain't actually clear.....

We finally had TWO companies contact us today!

Our local agent found a company in a town about 100km from here that does the whole shebang. They are a contracting firm with WETT certified chimney inspectors and sweeps, right down to masonry people. 

M. talked to them first, then I talked to them later in the morning. I felt quite relieved after talking to them. She told me they are pros at dealing with the insurance people in the city so try not to stress anymore.

Right after our dealing with this company, we were contacted by yet another company in a town about 80km away. I was sorry to tell him he was about ten minutes to late. He said he hoped we were going to look at Mr.X to do the job. He really gave that company a good reference. Well that is encouraging because those are the people we are dealing with!

The guy is coming out next week to suss out the issues and do his reports.

I'm going to try to NOT think about it now.

Dog and I got a mile walk in today. I ditched the boots for my Sketchers walking shoes. It made quite a positive difference. I could feel the muscles in the feet and ankles working differently. Lets see if there is some aching tonight.

Do you feel like November has been 3 1/2 months long and we are skipping right into March? We are 8C today. It has been intermittently sun/cloud. I say it feels like March! Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, but rain is forecast. Mud season is about to start!


  1. Nice that the ball is finally rolling in the right direction.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the peace of mind.

    It's about time.

  2. Progress for you, and it is nice out today, not cold at all unless you dressed stupidly.

  3. Glad to hear that things are starting to happen.
    This winter has sure been different. Sure hope it is a 'one off'.

  4. Yay! I'm happy that things are going forward, finally. Sounds like s good walk!

  5. Oh Good!!! Something is moving. I did not think about different footwear giving different effects. Hmm. Must stop treadmilling in slippers.

  6. This is definitely good news, Karen. Very glad to hear it. And yes, it does feel like March. We have bulbs popping. I have a feeling we're not done with winter yet, though, despite the temps. I hope I'm wrong!