Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A new day

 It sure is HOT around these parts!! The AC clicked on today for the first shot of the season. I think it's working better than last year.

We had a good rain over night. The tomatoes are just rejoicing. It rained off and on all day but we didn't get any of the thunderstorms our neighbours had. I was out doing yard work between downpours. With my long unruly grey hair, funky ankle length cotton dress and muddy bare feet I must be a frightful sight out there. (I don't care. I'm in my happy space!) M.has had clients coming and going all day so I move to the back then. Don't want them to run off in fright when it become apparent the wicked witch of the west lives in the green wooden house.

The moose has been wandering through again. The trail camera only got a shot of his legs very early this morning.

There are lots of animal and bird sounds out back tonight. They are singing me a lullabye. Good night all.


  1. We were super hot yesterday, today was perfect. May....

  2. You gave me a chuckle worth your witch comment. That's why we live out in the country, no one to see us!! Haha
    The storm missed us too but it sure got humid. No downpours until overnight.

  3. We didn't have too much. We are the rock in the river, as the storm slows down over land travel.