Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Heat is On

 It sure is HOT for slightly more than mid-May. 

We braved the traffic and took a run to the town this afternoon. Fortunately the four locations we had to go to were not at all busy. It was just the TRAFFIC. Where were these people all going?

Around dinnertime the girl and I wandered up the trail into the bush for the camera cards. There is a very pregnant looking doe hanging around in the usual place. I expect she is going to have her fawn(s) any day. I'm going to keep the girl out of the trail for awhile. We don't want momma getting stressed. No more sign of mr. moosie. The raccoons on the other hand are wandering around being a major pain in the ((((&&&#))) They have been tearing up my garden. 

Tomorrow is my birthday so we are off to have a bbq with friends. I asked not to make any fuss. I hope they listen.


  1. Happy Birthday enjoy the BBQ

  2. Have a wonderful birthday weekend. A little fuss is fun -- too much of a fuss, not always. I hope you'll see fawns soon!

  3. Wishing you a fine day and a fine year and coons are a tarnation nuisance, always.