Thursday, May 23, 2024

Wicked Air

 I heard someone use that term today. We had some wicked storm last night. I didn't see it, but the photos and video of all the lightening on the Facebook are sure spectacular. We've had several clients in and out today all talking about it too. I just heard the thunder. It rumbled and rolled something fierce.

My mother was TERRIFIED of thunder storms. She would sometimes herd us into the car because she thought the rubber tires would protect us. I was pretty nervous about storms until I met my second husband. He had a trailer on a lake. When the heavens roared he would be out on the porch enjoying the spectacle. He soon got me over my nerves. To this day a good roar (along with rain on the roof) puts me right to sleep.

It's much cooler and very windy today.  I wasn't able to do much outdoor stuff. The workers were back at the road today. They put a softer coat of some sort of aggregate on top of that pebble mess. One of the clients who came by today was our former (now retired) roads guy. He was livid that the road was left in that mess. 

I changed out one of the camera chips this evening. We've been visited by a rabbit, a groundhog (that's a first) and a cute crow doing a dance in front of the camera. The red tail hawk, I believe the mother, was diving in and out of the big pine and being very vocal earlier. I think she must have little ones on the move. The robins aren't hanging out in the front yard now, probably because of the hawk.

This evening I tied fluttering ribbons on the apple tree, hoping to scare off the darn chipmunks that like to eat the apples. 


  1. My dad grew up on a farm and taught me to just keep moving. After that I had jobs that I had to work outside during Thunderstorms and never thought anything about them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I loved storms over the lake (Lake Erie) where I grew up. But there was one sad sort of effect. My father had been in the navy in WWII, corvettes and part of the time as a gunnery officer. If the storm had sharp thunder in it in the night, my dad would start yelling orders to his gunners. I thought this was just how things were, but looking back on it, my dad had a lot of trauma and bottled it up. He had a major heart attack at age 50 that almost killed him.
    Our road is mostly potholes. We need gravel very badly.
    We had a dumb rabbit on the road this afternoon. It looked at us and hopped across in front of our stopped vehicle. You have to wonder, really, what goes on in their furry little minds.

  3. As kids, Mom either want afraid of storms or did a good job of hiding her fear. She would gather all 6 of us around the piano and she'd play, we'd doing until it was over.
    Daddy was always out in the little windowed porch watching the storm. One foot hiked up on the sill.

  4. My Mother would go from window to window and wring her hands during a storm. Not sure what good it did. I like it all except the wind!

  5. That was quite the storm...It added another inch plus of moisture, so good for the growing things. I love watching a storm, but really hate those strong wind gusts. Hope the road crew got the road finished for the weekend?

  6. We awoke to quite the thunder storm this morning. And yes, a temp drop with it. Poor Lizzie -- she doesn't do thunder well!