Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hot Fun in the Summertime, or NOT

 Dear Daughter and I made plans to go out for breakfast and then do some shopping. Her street has been under construction for weeks. Today there is a BIG BIG hole just by the lane. Thankfully the construction guys graded her lane so we were able to get in. IF we hadn't been able to, I was going to grab one of the burly workers and have him carry in two flats of pop, another of water and a 40 pound box of kitty litter. 

We had breakfast then hit the Food Basic in the west end. They have a pretty good sale on staple food items this week. Next stop was the farm stand for fresh, local strawberries. Two liters was $15!!! We won't be making jam, but they are a treat. WalMart was next on the list for dog and cat food. That store has the best prices by far on pet products. Just an FYI for pet owners who feed their cats Friskies canned food: WalMart house brand at only 77c per can is the SAME product as the Friskies, which is 99c. (Many house brand products are the same as name brands.)  My grocery bills seem to be significantly lower than the last couple of months so far this June. 

I picked up a cooked chicken from the deli department, and a lot of fruit. We are going to lay low and just pick as we feel a bit peckish.

 I stepped out for ten minutes to give the pup her pee walk across the yard. I thought I'd die before she was done!!

STAY cool my friends and drink lots.


  1. It's not fun having to navigate Construction Season.
    Wise to look for the bargains, that are sometimes in disguise.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy staying comfortable.

    It's about time.

  2. Well the heat is here but I doubt it will stay this hot for long.

  3. Stay cool, it is nice weather here which I am enjoying because I hate the heat.

  4. Not enjoying these days, but we will survive! Cold salads and cold chicken here as well!

  5. It sounds like a productive day despite the heat. We're in the heat dome too and it's grim. Apart from a doc appointment and a hair cut I've been staying in. You've been far more adventurous than I!

  6. Those cooked chickens are excellent, especially in this weather!

  7. What Jenn said. Me too. And, yeah, not a cool spot anywhere. Our berries were $16.00 but perfect and worth every penny for the first of the year.