Friday, June 14, 2024

That was quite the Thursday night, so they say

 Friends in the area are talking about it. 

Lots of photos of it on the Facebook. 

We SLEPT through it!

It was a helluva storm.

It was storming a bit before we went to bed, but nothing spectacular by any stretch. I crawled into my cozy nest about 8PM with a good book. We had tornado warnings all day, which is exhausting even if you are trying to ignore them. We kept looking at the weather radar and everything seemed to be sliding south and west of us.

So the storm has meandered off to wherever big storms go and the heat is going to hit us like a ton of bricks. It's coolish today so I have lots of outdoor work to do before it gets to hot to live. 


  1. Glad the storm missed your area.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Oh yes. I see that big heat is coming next week. 😔

  3. The stormy part only lasted 20 minutes here.

  4. Glad the storm bypassed you. It was strong winds and rain for us.

  5. We had a good rain and thunder boomers. Not looking forward to the heat that is supposed to be coming....

  6. Knocked our power out for two days. What amazed me is that at one point I was out on the porch and I could see continual lightening and hear continual thunder, one long growl and flashes from cloud to cloud continual. I love storms and this one was a classic. If only we were not at the end of a rural power line that runs across country, not along a road. Sigh.

    1. we're at the end of the line too. Beyond us are access roads to Algonquin Park back country. We used to have a lot of problems with power outages but Hydro One did a lot of improvements to the lines and the corridor. There was a switch out on the highway and we used to call and tell them it flipped, but oh no, they had to do a full line survey. Apparently they finally twigged to the fault on the line and took it out. It only took about ten years. The guy living right there used to see it burning for goodness sake.