Friday, October 20, 2023


 Hello friends! Yes, I haven't been here, but all is fine. I was really tired and kind of wrung out when I returned home. Travel is kind of hard on me now, and doing the driving really hard with my arthritic body.

My dear sister is moving far, far away so I went to Peterborough for a few days to give her a hand sorting and packing a bit. While I was there, she and I and our dear brother met up with two of my daughters, son in law and my grandson for an afternoon of food and frivolity. It was so nice to see them all again!

I have a random lot of photos from down that part of the province.  They are a bit out of sequence.

This is Us

Wilno Hills

Kemaniskeg Lake near Combermere

Peterborough Liftlocks

Eels Lake Landing

Crooked Slide Pond

Round lake Center church

Former Westclox Building in Peterborough

She and Me. Sisters

These beautiful shots of Peterborough were taken from my sisters former residence on the top floor

Peterborough sunset

Foggy morning

Little Lake in Peterborough with the Centenial fountain

Another Peterborough sunrise