Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Greening Up

 We've had some steady rain over the past 24 hours. I'm happy with that because I got the onions and gladiolus planted in the back garden. Yesterday I got mad at the tomatoes that were NOT sprouting. I moved all of the seedlings that were nicely UP from under the lights, and put them on the warm sunny south windowsill. The pots that weren't showing any sign of life went under the lights. Overnight I am seeing green sprouts! We have some warmer sunny days coming so some of the plants will be going outdoors during the day.

My grandchildren planted these daffies 20 years ago. I'm glad they are still growing and thriving, even though that old flower bed has been taken over by sweet fern. I wish I had a strong enough mower to cut it all down. 

Mr. M brought home a lovely big bunch of purple tulip buds a few days ago. They are hanging in there!

Last Sunday we took a drive to Barrys Bay and then down Siberia Road to Combermere. Along former Hwy 62/Combermere Road there is a beautiful park on a high bit of rock cut on the old Oram homestead. I've been up there numerous times in the fall. We were surprised at how nice the new rock wall looks. The old one was too low and was falling down. Unfortunately all of the toilets have been taken out of the stops along this highway. The tanks for the old vault toilet are still there. What gives??
There is an old shipwreck off those two islands in the distance. Before there was a highway coming up to Barrys Bay from the south, travellers were transported on the S.S.Mayflower. There is quite a story about the sinking. They were transporting a body in a coffin. It floated to the surface which saved the lives of a couple of people. 

The new stone wall is a work of art. 

Saturday, April 27, 2024

complain complain

 Dear daughter and I went to the Valley Showcase trade show today. I guess we might as well have stayed home because there was absolutely nothing there to interest us. We finished our jaunt at WalMart so I could buy five more bags of potting soil. Five more should finish my projects for this year.

I'm a bit ticked with Amazon this week. At the beginning of the week I order a case of cat food, a bottle of vitamins, a pair of leggings to wear with my kameeze dress, a box of latex gloves and a package of laundry detergent sheets. It was one order due to arrive on the 23. On that day a CanPar truck pulled up and left a WalMart box on our doorstep. What the hey???? I opened it up to find the case of cat food. I didn't order it from WM!!!! Yesterday a padded envelope was left at the door. It was the leggings. Today there were three boxes and another padded envelope. The envelope contained the laundry sheets. I buy them to reduce my plastic use for goodness sake!! Another box the size of a large shoe box contained the bottle of vitamins. The next box was the latex gloves and the last had something else, what was it? I forget. I think the time has come to cut the apron strings with that place. I hate shopping. Unfortunately it's difficult to find some of our favorite products at small family owned places in the nearby community. I kind of feel like shopping at WM is six of one, or half dozen of the other (Amazon).

We're in for a string of rainy days.  We had a break after dinner so I went out and emptied the bags of potting soil and raked the big box nice and level.  I'll let the rain get that box ready for the planting! It's a big box, about six by six feet. I'm only going to plant beans and tomatoes in it this year. Peas take far too much space for the result. Two of the smaller beds are full of garlic. Once it is pulled I will plant salad greens in one and carrots in the other. The middle box has horseradish and herbs, so it's a permanent planter.  I need to plant the gladiolus corms I bought today. I'll start them indoors in pots to give them a good jump start in warmth, then put them in the garden later in May. I find our soil stays too cold to late into the spring so they are late sprouting outdoors. They often get knocked out by frost before they amount to anything. 

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Notes about stuff on a Thursday

 I was up early and headed to the town today. I'm hoping to get back into my Thursday routine. A quick trip to the garden center to collect a few bags of good soil. (We are on beach sand here so raised boxes with soil brought in is necessary to grow most things.) Second stop was the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Himself. McD is across the parking lot so I popped in there to grab a coffee. I like their coffee. I drove downtown and parked at the marina for a bit to watch the geese and enjoy a peaceful sip. I walked over to the main street and purchased a birthday gift for my grandson. His birthday isn't until the middle of June, but a vendor I like had something nice on sale so it was the time to grab it. On the way home I swung by the dairy and picked up some yummy Maple Dale Cheese. We really like the Extra Old. They had the Maple Bacon in stock too!  So that was my exciting day. I was home by 11AM.

After a bit of a rest I went out and did a bit of yard work. The bags of soil had to be spread in the planter box. I raked a bit, then hung out the sheets. After all that I had a nap!

We were hauling out our garbage and recycle for the week. M and I noted that our entire recycle bin is cat food cans and those annoying plastic clam shell packs that our fruits and veggies come in. I wish there was some way around that nonsense. I recently had a dream where we saved those plastic containers in a clear plastic bag, then took them into the grocery store and demanded the manager do something about it, Hmmm, that's a thought!

While cleaning the downstairs bathroom this afternoon the scrapes on the cedar wall had me thinking back. My eldest daughter had a serious accident while she was away at university. She was in a wheelchair for quite a long time.  When we built this house in the late 80s, we thought ahead to aging in place. There is a no barrier main floor bedroom and bathroom. Until she learned to "drive" the chair well on her own, daughter would frequently scrape the wall.  I'm so happy she managed to get fully mobile as the years went on. 

I'm going to take my dog and go sit in the sunshine on the back porch before dinner.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Just beautiful

 I could happily spend this whole day just walking in the woods. There are so many birds! I hear and/or see blue jays, crows, phoebe, robins, gold finches galore, three types of wood pecker and the sweet pair of doves that hang around my yard. Surprisingly, we didn't see them last year. I wonder why?

This is me doing what I love to do most in this world.

The buds are swelling on the trees. It won't be long now. I thought there would be a lot more storm damage along my trail, but it's minimal. Lots of small branches and one long dead cherry tree down was all I could see. That low piece of land at my back used to be a bog. About 15 years ago our big tractor get seriously stuck down there. It's so dry now you could drive a car through it after a bit of trimming.  The slope on the left side of the path will soon be covered with trilliums.