Some people are may be busier than they want to be while the rest of us have this forced vacation.

One of my children works for the provincial government. When the premier says this, that or the other thing is going to happen, her department takes over and dishes out the directive to the proper ministry to man handle. (I'm not very charitable am I?)
Her job title is policy something or other. She's a very, very busy lady, working into the evenings most days. She has another job when things aren't so crazy. She is also a college professor. Just as well she isn't teaching these days or she'd never sleep.

I miss our long chats and crazy laughter.

Road trip

We had to go to the grocery store today. I didn't go in. Seeing as we were going to be in the neighborhood, I called ahead to the garden center and ordered three big bags of triple mix for my planting buckets. We pulled up, opened the trunk from within the car and a suited and booted attendant loaded them. No contact.
When we got home, M scrubbed himself and changed his clothes and loaded it all into the washer. I just went along for the ride.

Covid dreams

I've read and heard a number of people say, that they are having crazy dreams since this nightmare started.
I don't often remember dreams, but sure did last night/this morning.

In the dream, I was having to write an exam or a paper for some course I was doing.
It had to be done with pen and paper, then somehow sent electronically to the tester, who in my dream was Nathalie Rowe of Bee Meadow Farm (an animal sanctuary here in E.Ontario).  (note: I have NO connection to Nathalie other than reading and enjoying her blog, haha)

Well getting that examination completed was a nightmare. I was locked in a house with a lot of children. I couldn't find a quiet place to do the work and was working at a dining table. One of the children swiped everything off the table. After recovery, another bigger kid came along and tipped the table over. I had only a few hours to do the piece and get it sent off to the examiner by a certain time (10:33 AM, haha)

Did I finish my research and get the…