Weight Loss Program

Is anyone else in my little group doing KETO?

It has been highly recommended to get this weight off fast and get my sugars back to normal.
Let me tell you, it has been quite a challenge trying to keep my carbs within allowable range. We did grocery shopping today with my special needs in mind.

This afternoon I am baking Keto bread. I've baked something like this before but with a different name. They are basically eggs, cream cheese and some almond meal. Beat the egg yolks, cream cheese and almond meal together. Beat the whites until very stiff, then fold the two mixtures together. Put 8 rounds on a parchment lined cookie sheet and bake at 300 for about half an hour. You can sprinkle some grated cheese on top if desired. I think they sound quite good. We are going to BBQ burgers for dinner today so I hope it works out. They puffed right up in the oven, but went flat when I took them out. Still, a couple of them should hold a patty.

M. started his pickle factory today. He found Ont…

HooooooWeeeee, lay low and review some books

How is everyone enjoying this extreme heat? I am so thankful we having the central air working again.

Back in the 80s, while we were building this house, we had an extremely hot summer. Husband and I were building this house ourselves, no help. I can remember feeling so ill, being out here in the heat and humidity pounding nails. Man were we slim and fit in those days!
I love reading books about people doing what we did and how they coped. At that time I was reading "House" by Tracey Kidder. I've read the books of Scott and Helen Nearing. My hot weather reading (laying on the couch in the AC, hahahar) is "Cabin Lessons" by Spike Carlsen.

What are you reading while you hide from the heat?

Hard work ahead

I don't have a GP. To get a prescription or ANYTHING medical, I have to go to the ER. We have an occasional clinic there, but it's hit and miss in the summertime. It was closed yesterday. Thankfully it was staffed today but I didn't know the young DR.

I hate not  having continuity of care. They have to go spend too long looking for my records on their hospital computer. And the records are spotty. They don't have anything from my previous GP.
Today the dr in the clinic decided to reduce or remove some of the medications I've been on for my fibromyalgia. He asked me who prescribed them and I told him my long retired rheumatologist.  They are old drugs that work well for me in combination. The young doc said "We don't like to prescribe drugs off protocol." He then offered me a prescription for an SSRI and PREDNISONE. I refused both thank you very much.
The scariest news I got came from my blood work. I am border line diabetic. This is new! He told me my…

What I did on my summer "holidays"

It is very hot and humid again today. I flew out of bed and shut all the windows and curtains before 9AM. Got to keep the heat out and the cool in don'cha know!
Daughter and grandson swung by around dinner time last night and took a car load of their stuff to the new house. I decided to tackle that spare room now that they have left it. I got the ladder out and cleaned the ceiling fan and lights first. My goodness they were some filthy! Then I tackled the table top fan. It was no better.
The spare (queen size) bed was set up against the wall and I pushed a big cabinet across the room and up against it so it wouldn't flop over. I stripped the futon and folded it back into couch mode. The TV and satellite receiver got a good cleaning. I folded up the big banquet tables I use for quilting and added them to the stack. The spinning wheel got shoved into the tight corner behind the cabinet and bed. The bins of quilting fabric and yarn got stacked in front of the tables. Next I haule…


From where I live, all roads heading northwest eventually run into Algonquin Park.
Most of these access points are not on maps. There are hundreds of beautiful lakes with camping spots along these roads. We took a drive in today. M. is doing equipment maintenance for a company doing remediation up here so we went up trying to locate their headquarters camp.

We drove along this road

And we saw this sign

Near this lake

And this lake

And this lake

a wee log jam where a lake empties into a creek

Up this hill trail to a camping spot

where a bunch of horrible dirty disgusting campers left their crap

and damaged these beautiful beech trees

All kinds of crap got left behind, garbage, pots, clothing, beer and pop cans, full beer bottles! and disgusting things I want to go back with rubber gloves and garbage bags


These hot sultry days often precipitate thunder storms later in the day.

I was seeing severe thunderstorm warnings so kept an eye on the sky. A band of ominous looking cloud was sliding this way so I rushed out to yank down the sunshade and  bring the laundry in.
That done, I grabbed the little camera and went the other side to pull up the patio umbrella. It's a new camera and I really haven't figured out out how to use it yet, so I missed a good shot of the funnel cloud. I surely jumped when the trees bent double and one snapped off, sounding like a gunshot!!!

The sun is shining now and the dogs have relaxed.


You can see the cloud formations starting to drop in the middle. The actual funnel dropped behind those trees, the trees started bending and swaying. A sound like a gunshot had me turn to see what was going on behind me as a tree dropped in the forest.
When M. came home this morning he said a tree had fallen across the…