Monday, June 17, 2024

Summer weather

 Hopefully all the Dad's had a nice Fathers Day. We celebrated on Saturday with Poppa. The neighbour made some nice appetizers and Davey did a BBQ.

Yesterday M. and I took a drive in the countryside toward one of our favorite access spots into Algonquin. The pup had a wonderful afternoon chasing sticks into Stevenson Lake. We meandered home slowly via another road.  The Wood Lilies are blooming in profusion.  I just love them. Some are a single blossom, there might be doubles or triples. I found SEVEN on one stem and just had to bring it home and add to my vase. 

My peonies are blooming, right in time for my daughters birthday. I try to take her some blossoms. Spreading the cayenne pepper around the bushes sure worked to deter the dastardly chipmunks that were eating the buds last year. 

We had a nice little rain last night but it's sure going to boost the humidity later today. We are in for a prolonged extreme HOT spell. Upon rising I closed all the windows and curtains upstairs. I really hate running the AC, (it makes my fibromyalgia flare up) so the longer we can keep it off the better.

Mrs Blanding Turtle did her annual wander through the front yard late yesterday afternoon. She has been doing this for over 20 years. It was so nice to see that she is so healthy. Her shell is just perfect. No nicks or bumps or damage. All of her spots are easily seen. She is a very mature girl.  These turtles are a species at risk in more urban parts of the province of Ontario.  Development is threatening their habitat. They are not threatened or at risk in my area (unless they get stuck on the road unfortunately) There is lots of native habitat that will never be developed, as well as the population being well schooled in turtle etiquette. Turtle "fences" and warning signs proliferate. Folks watch for nests and put "fences" over them so the vermin won't get at the eggs.  I'm not sure how effective these are against raccoons though. The nasty devils don't have any problem dumping my heavy garbage receptacles. 

Garden boxes are booting along beautifully!

Fathers Day at the lake

Friday, June 14, 2024

That was quite the Thursday night, so they say

 Friends in the area are talking about it. 

Lots of photos of it on the Facebook. 

We SLEPT through it!

It was a helluva storm.

It was storming a bit before we went to bed, but nothing spectacular by any stretch. I crawled into my cozy nest about 8PM with a good book. We had tornado warnings all day, which is exhausting even if you are trying to ignore them. We kept looking at the weather radar and everything seemed to be sliding south and west of us.

So the storm has meandered off to wherever big storms go and the heat is going to hit us like a ton of bricks. It's coolish today so I have lots of outdoor work to do before it gets to hot to live. 

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Nice visit, sort of

Yesterday I was up with the birds and went to visit another neighbour who is a master gardener. My goodness she has a lovely garden. She has hundreds of perennial plants and knows the latin names of every one! We were bombarded with ROSE CHAFERS. We were picking them off plants and off of each other. It was just gross.  They too are having issues with chipmunks and squirrels. We were standing there talking about a certain variety and color of Sweet William, when out pops this dastardly rodent, pulls down the flower and starts chomping on it. NO FEAR!!

When I got home M. said he had been out in our garden chasing off chafers too. The bird bath was full of them. They seemed to be particularly interested in the iris. Thankfully they are about finished their bloom cycle so they can have at them. My neighbour says they won't last long so that's a relief.

We are under tornado warns today, but whether that happens is a big question. It is raining now. I have our "flush" buckets filled and some food cooked.  My biggest concern is losing our power for an extended length of time. 

I'm going to snuggle down and knit and read this afternoon, so let it pour.

Monday, June 10, 2024


 We did not go fishing today. It was bloody cold so we just couldn't get in the mood. The birthday boy tried on his new boots then set them aside for "good". He played around with his new cell phone then decided to heck with it, he was going to work after all. I bundled up and went with him.

Gosh, we were all over the place today. Down to the farm, across the bridge and just up the road. After all was said and done, we picked up five bags of moth balls, dropped a package off to Purolator, then shopped for birthday supper. OMG, I don't know how some folks can afford to eat beef. We only eat it when we find a good sale. Lately they are few and far between. We bought some nice cheese and crackers too. We had that and some chichi olives about 5PM. Then we decided we were not in the mood to bbq! 

Tomorrow is a new day. The weather looks much more promising.

(Moth balls are to "hopefully" keep the squirrels from chewing more holes in our basement windows)

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sunday sigh

 I've done a lot of laying about today. When I woke up it was gloriously sunny. I ran through the shower, fed the pets and made a pot of coffee. By the time we went for our second cup the weather had turned ferocious.

It seemed every half hour a wicked cell would come tearing through. We had some wicked wind, hail and omg THE Rain!!!!

I'm glad the township dumped a load of good coarse gravel at the head of the lane last week, otherwise, we'd have washed out.

This afternoon was given over to a good nap.

Can you believe the first week of June is already in the bag? Time needs to slow down. Mr M has a birthday tomorrow. IF the weather is favourable we would like to go fishing.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

A wet yellow day

 Everything was covered with yellow mud again this morning. I puttered around in the basement but still managed to have a whopper of an asthma attack. I'm sure glad of that fresh puffer! M. remarked that I've been using it a lot the past few days. It's quite windy this evening so lets hope the last of it will have a shake down.

I made a German dinner today. This is Jagerschnitzel with a mixed mash. It was so good!I

My eldest daughter shared this photo. Her and I out for a family dinner a few months back. We hope for a repeat visit very soon. 

This afternoon I drove around the village looking for some fresh eggs. A lot of folks have signs at their lane offering. Nobody was home! I saw my pal Colleen out working in her magnificent garden so I popped in for a short visit. That woman has a full time job keeping that up. When I got home there was an email from another master gardener up in the village inviting me over to her garden one morning next week. I'm always looking for inspiration.

I got all the birthday 🎂 cards and gifts sorted for this month. Two of my girls, my grandson, my good man, and Fathers Day. Whew! May is busy with assorted celebrations within our family too. 

Friday, June 7, 2024


 We've had a couple of days of nice rain. The rain barrels are full to over flowing. The plants are flourishing!

The beans are starting to pop up. I'm thinning the lettuce. The never ending weeds have to be yanked morning AND evening! I had to buy more tomato cages today.

We got a bit of grass cut and some trimming, but it started to pour again so we had to pack it in.

Monday, June 3, 2024

Beauty all around


I love this time of year! I'm out in the morning pulling weeds and giving all the growing things a drink before the heat of the day intensifies. The perennial bed is doing so well. Most of these plants were moved into full sun from the east side of the house or behind the garage. The blue lupins, just out of the photo, were gifted to me by my pal Cindy, of Checkerboard Aussies. They have been here seven years and this is the first time they've bloomed! The wee red poppy in the back was gifted from a young neighbour
He has built himself a nice little greenhouse to grow some mighty nice plants. I popped over to buy some cucumbers and came home with a whole lot more! He's just a lovely young man, polite and not shy about engaging adults in great conversation. He's a credit to his parents and beloved grandpa.I

I love walking about the yard barefoot!

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Evening scare

 Last night and tonight are COLD.  We were flirting with frost last night. Tonight is looking even colder. Brrr. 

Knowing it was going to be cold again tonight I just left the plants indoors.  The tomatoes have bucket hats on for another night. This seems to be the end of it. I sure hope.

Do you see it?

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

I wet my plants

 Okay, the sky did. It rained most of yesterday and quite a bit again today.

The coming days are warmer and sunnier.  I might have to cut the grass again. The weeds are going crazy, but they are a bit easier to pull when they are a tad taller.

I pulled the card from the deep camera between showers. I see the doe hanging about at the bottom of the trail. I'm not seeing a fawn or two, but you know they/it is down there. 

wild columbine

lots of lilacs this year

love those little faces

Sunday, May 26, 2024

A picture perfect day


someone was sulking

until we took her swimming

Petawawa River

The River by my house

We went for a nice drive. The fur baby got her nails trimmed. We parked by the Petawawa River and let her have a nice swim. When we got home I planted the swiss chard and watered everything. That was the day.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Chilly damp day

 M had to work today to catch up from the rain days this past week.

I got out my trusty new weed trimmer and got to yard work. M got out his chain saw and cut down the ancient lilac bushes. The wind had done an awful trip on them. I dragged the branches to the burn pile. At that point it started to drizzle so I came indoors.

Later I walked out to bring in the garbage cans. The darn raccoons made an awful mess! When M came home we went out to Rankin to buy a steel barrel. It has a lid with clamps.

We are trying to plan our vacation. The tentative plan is to go to James Bay. We would drive to Cochrane and get on a train called The Polar Bear Express. That would take us to the remote community  of Moosonee. From there we would take a boat.