The pup and I spend an hour and a half outdoors moving moving moving this afternoon.
I dragged all the trash cans and recycle bin down the long lane to the roadside.
We then walked "the loop", stopping at the shed on each pass to grab an armful of firewood, come in and dump it in the woodbox, back out the door to continue on the loop., Rinse and repeat until I was starting to feel whipped. I don't have a clue how many steps that was but I sure do feel like we did a lot of exercises!
The dog pretended she was at the lake. She would take flying leaps into the deep snow and "swim" back out again. She is exhausted now, passed out asleep in front of the woodstove, which incidentally, is OUT. It's very warm today and I'm pretty heated up from all that action.

I just saw the update on my friends fire. She didn't have insurance. She is homeless and lost everything. Someone has started a goFundMe page for her. I sure hope it picks up. Rental units are few an…


No, we don't make New Years Resolutions. We do, however, take this new calendar to reflect about where we have been and what we need to do.
M. has done well with his goals. He is now working on his fourth year with out tobacco! This is a man who smoked for about 40 years, so quitting was no small feat. (He has done really great cutting back on alcohol consumption too!) Quitting smoking often leads to weight gain. We have both suffered at that end.

After my husband passed away I lost my appetite and lost considerable weight. My doctor was concerned with the rapid loss.
A year later I met this amazing chef. The weight loss stopped.

In 2018 I had knee replacement surgery. Once again my appetite went "poof "and considerable weight loss resulted. Once I got off all the pain medication though, the appetite came back. It also seems like my metabolism has changed. Forty pounds has crept on and is reluctant to leave.

So now we are trying to get things back under control.
M. needs…

Pleasant Day

Apparently it is going to be a very warm week with temperatures just around freezing or above. I'm not going to complain!
I finally went to the ER to take care Of my health. I was attended by a lovely doc who renewed my regular meds without an argument. He is going to push a referral to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and told me to stay off my foot. As if!!!
We don't have any clinics here so folks without a family doc have no recourse beyond the ER for mundane things, tying up resources and making for Long wait times. This doc told me his own family of five have yet to find a gp!

I am knitting socks for my friend who got burned out. She is an avid knitter herself and sad to lose her knitting stuff. I'm going to make her a goody bag along with the socks. New needles, some nice yarn and maybe a treat or two, and tea. Can't forget the tea! I'm open to suggestions for more small comforts for her.

It wasn't too bad

I don't think we got nearly the amount of snow that was in the forecast.
There was some drifting, but it wasn't too serious, thank goodness!
The sun was shining brightly when I flung open the drapes this morning! And who was out in the yard, but our good neighbour from across the road with his plow truck! He got rid of the snowbank at the head of the drive and took a run into the yard to get us started.
Well we procrastinated at bit. M. made a nice big breakfast and we watched Land and Sea. I put away one load of laundry and started another. By then we had to suit up and get out there and take care of business.
We have two good sized snowblowers. M. is in the business after all.
Our lane is usually done with our big tractor but seeing as it is dead in the water, M. has been doing the yard with one blower or another. This is a LONG lane and it's a lot of work for one guy, so I asked M. to teach me how to use the simplest of the two pieces of equipment. My goodness, that is …