Work. Work. Work some more

Oh crikey, I'm creaky tonight.

I was telling my friend today, I wake up in the morning and do a few exercises before even sitting up. It helps me figure out what hurts today and maybe work out the kinks.
I make my tea and head out to the side porch and the zero gravity chair. ( I still don't know how it got that name. It's still just a recliner to me.) Lots of birds and chipmunks chittering away!

The day was looking clear, dry and warm, so I set up to restain the side deck. It looks so fresh and tidy.

Next on the agenda was hanging out the bedding that had been washing while I was busy with the brush.
The phone rang then and my friend was on her way over. The tea was on and I got her comfortable in a rolly chair. I'm doing the morning dressing changes on her poor ulcerated legs. We had a good laugh or two. She might be 84, but she is quite a fiesty "old broad"....her words! Last week her well went dry. She was mad as a hornet, but she lugged jugs of water unt…

The Harvest Moon

We didnt see it the night it was full. That night was heavy overcast and rain.
The past couple of nights it has been like a friendly open face shining down. It shines in one of my bedroom windows. I can't sleep with it on my face so the curtains are drawn. Still, the room has a comforting blue glow of sorts.
Does it get more magnificent?


Saturday, Saturday, but everything is NOT all right.
I just had to hijack that Elton John song y'know...
My eldest daughter called to tell me she had been in a pretty awful car accident. I suggested it was time she started buying a car that is not black. Every black vehicle she has owned has been demolished in a crash. She says she is not injured but I'm sure she is going to be in some kind of pain tomorrow.
She evaded my concerns by turning the conversation toward my youngest daughter. Apparently her recovery from a very debilitating illness is not progressing at the rate we had hoped. Older sister compared her to a doctor being ill, and a bad patient. Youngest has expectations based on her own professional expertise, but as she isn't progressing well, she is frustrated and sad.
On a positive note, her eldest turned 13 this week. She took him flying!!! Sounds like they had a marvelous time.
I wish I lived closer to my kids. I don't even have proper public transportati…

On My Needles and What I'm Reading and What I'm doing today

I need about 16 pairs of socks for Christmas gifts this year so I'm hard at it.

We didn't get out for a proper vacation this year, so I'm reading about the subject. This book is about one family's connection to a vacation spot in Maine.  I love Maine too.

I knit a pair of socks or mittens every week. I read two or three books every week.

It's cool and bright today. We have been drying herbs outdoors. Today I'm finishing them off in the oven on very low. Heating brings out the oils that intensifies the flavour of many herbs that contain something called turpines (anything that has the slight whiff of turpentine!). You wouldn't want to do delicate herbs like parsley.  It works great for oregano. In fact, plain dried oregano is rather insipid without that finish. Rosemary is another that benefits from a slight toasting. 200 degree oven for 3/4 an hour and don't forget to put parchment paper on the cookie sheet. 
When M. comes home from his work we are goin…

Photo catch up

These are from last week. We found this this lovely beach on the Ottawa River up by Deep River.

The fire hydrants in the bush that had us scratching our heads

Today we went up White Mountain to the Algonquin Park back country access. This road follows the Bonnechere River. There are lots of nice rough camping spots along this route. 

We barely got started on our hike when it started to rain, so we didn't get far. The forecast was for a nice, though very chilly, day. I would like to get back up that trail in a few weeks when Mother Nature puts on her fancy dress. It might be freezing and miserable today, but there is lots of beautiful weather yet to come.