Old man winter flipped us the bird overnight. We had a bit of snow, not much, maybe two or three inches, but man did it get COLD. Tonight is supposed to be around -20C in our immediate area! It hasn't been this cold around here, on this date, for many years. The last time I remember running our wood burning furnace was when my husband passed away. I was stuffing the furnace all on my own from about Thanksgiving that year.
There is a little kitty running around our yard. We think it might belong to the neighbour across the road who has had some barn cats deposited at his place.
We took a run to town for a little shopping today. As usual, WalMarts 20 or more self serve checkouts were deserted and there were line ups at the staffed checks. I wonder when they will get the message?
I picked up a couple more Christmas gifts. I was telling M that I want to be all finished by December 1. The hats are all knit and I'm working on the matching mittens and gloves. I've given up trying…

Remembering November 11

Our boys in service.
MY father,  my grandson as a cadet and full army mode
Dad during the war years
Dad's last Remembrance Day

 Tay as a cadet

 And now a real soldier Many generations of service in our family, right back to the days of the Revolutionary War


This is the bridal store window display I mentioned a few days back.
The store is called Crazy Beautiful Dresses